ALBERTALI, Becky, The Upside of Unrequited
ALEXANDER, K.C & HOUGH, Jason, Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising
ANDERSON, Laurie Halse, Fever 1793
ATKINSON, Kate, Life After Life
BLACK, Holly, The Cruel Prince
BLAKE, Heather, A Potion to Die For
BLAKELY, Lauren, Lucky Suit
BRAY, Libba, Beauty Queens
BRIGGS, Patricia, Moon Called
BRIGGS, Patricia, Blood Bound
BRIGGS, Patricia, Iron Kissed
BROWN, Pierce, Golden Son (Red Rising #2)
BROWN, Pierce, Morning Star (Red Rising #3)
CABOT, Meg, Jinx
CARSON, Rae, Star Wars: Most Wanted
CHAMBERS, Becky, The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet
CHAMBERS, Becky, A Closed and Common Orbit
CHRISTO, Alexandra, To Kill A Kingdom
CIXEN, Liu, The Three Body Problem
CLARKE, Susanna, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
CLINE, Ernest, Ready Player One
CONDIE, Ally, Matched
CULETTO, X, Understanding The Stars
DOCTOROW, Cory, Little Brother
DOESCHER, Ian, Verily a New Hope
FISHER, Carrie, The Princess Diarist
FLYNN, Gillian, Sharp Objects
FLYNN, Gillian, Dark Places
FUNKE, Cornelia, Inkspell
GAIMAN, Neil, Ocean at the End of the Lane
GAIMAN, Neil, Interworld
GAIMAN, Neil, The Graveyard Book
GAIMAN, Neil, Norse Mythology
GAIMAN, Neil, Good Omens
GALBRAITH, Robert, The Cuckoo's Calling
GALBRAITH, Robert, The Silkworm
GALBRAITH, Robert, Career of Evil
GOLDEN, Christie, Dark Disciple
GOLDEN, Christie, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
GRAY, Claudia, Lost Stars
GROSSMAN, Lev, The Magicians
GROSSMAN, Lev, The Magician King
HAN, Jenny, P.S. I Still Love You
HARKNESS, Deborah, A Discovery of Witches
HART, Emma, Four Day Fling
HAWKINS, Paula, The Girl On The Train
HEARNE, Kevin, Hounded
HILL, Joe, Heart-Shaped Box
HILLENBRAND, Laura, Unbroken
HOANG, Helen, The Kiss Quotient
JACKSON, Shirley, We Have Always Lived in the Castle
JACQUES, Brian, Redwall
JEMISIN, N.K, The Fifth Season
JONES, Diana Wynne, Howl's Moving Castle
KAGAWA, Julie, Talon
KING, A.S., Please Ignore Vera Deitz
KING, Stephen, The Gunslinger
KING, Stephen, The Drawing of the Three
KING, Emily R., The Hundredth Queen
KOONTZ, Dean, Odd Thomas
KOONTZ, Dean, Brother Odd
KOONTZ, Dean, Odd Hours
KOVA, Elise, The Alchemists of Loom
KOVA, Elise, The Dragons of Nova
KWAN, Kevin, Crazy Rich Asians
LAFEVERS, Robin, Dark Triumph
LAPENA, Shari, The Couple Next Door
LUCENO, James, Darth Plagueis
LUCENO, James, Tarkin
MAAS, Sarah J., Heir of Fire
MARTEL, Yann, Life of Pi
MEYER, Marissa, Scarlet
MEYER, Marissa, Winter
MEYER, Marissa, Stars Above
MILLER, John Jackson, A New Dawn
MOYES, Jojo, One Plus One
MORGAN, Kass, The 100
MORGENSTERN, Erin, The Night Circus
MORIARTY, Liane, Big Little Lies
NELSON, Jandy, I'll Give You The Sun
NIX, Garth, Sabriel
NIX, Garth, Lirael
NIX, Garth, Abhorsen
NIX, Garth, Newt's Emerald
POEHLER, Amy, Yes, Please
POSTON, Ashley, Geekerella
PIERCE, Tamora, Alanna: The First Adventure
RIORDAN, Rick, Sword of Summer
REVIS, Beth, Across The Universe
REVIS, Beth, Star Wars: Rebel Rising
ROTHFUSS, Patrick, Name of The Wind
ROSSI, Veronica, Under The Never Sky
SAENZ, Benjamin Alire, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
SAPKOWSKI, Andrej, Time of Contempt
SAPKOWSKI, Andrej, Baptism of Fire
SCALZI, John, Redshirts
SILVERA, Adam, They Both Die at the End
SIMSION, Graeme, The Rosie Project
SNICKET, Lemony, The Bad Beginning
STIEFVATER, Maggie, The Raven Boys
STIEFVATER, Maggie, Scorpio Races
SUMMERS, Courtney, Sadie
TAHIR, Sabaa, An Ember in The Ashes
TAHIR, Sabaa, A Torch Against The Night
THOMAS, Rob & GRAHAM, Jennifer, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
THOMPSON, Shannon A, November Rain (Bad Bloods #1)
THOMPSON, Shannon A, November Snow
VANDERBES, Jennifer, The Secret of Raven Point
VANDEERMEER, Jeff, Annihilation
WENDIG, Chuck, Aftermath: Life Debt
WENDID, Chick, Aftermath: Empire's End

ADAMS, Douglas, Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy
AHMED, Saladin, Canto Bight
ALEXANDER, Rebecca, The Secrets of Life & Death
BASU, Diksha, The Windfall
BECKETT, Chris, Dark Eden
BENNETT, Robert Jackson, City of Stairs
BENNETT, Robert Jackson, City of Blades
BENNETT, Robert Jackson, City of Miracles
BLACKER, Ben (editor), A Certain Point Of View
BOWEN, Sarina, Rookie Move
BOWEN, Sarina, Hard Hitter
BOWEN, Sarina, Pipe Dreams
BOWEN, Sarina, Brooklynanire
BOWEN, Sarina, Overnight Sensation
BOWEN, Sarina, SuperFan
BROCK, Amber, A Fine Imitation
BRUNO, Rhett C, Titanborn
BRUNO, Rhett C, From Ice to Ashes
BYRNE, Monica, Girl in The Road
CABOT, Meg, Royal Wedding
CABOT, Meg, The Bride Wore Size 12
CABOT, Meg, Boy Meets Girl
CABOT, Meg, The Boy Next Door
CABOT, Meg, Remembrance
CABOT, Meg, Bridal Boot Camp
CLEESE, John, So, Anyway...
CLINES, Peter, The Fold
DAY, Felicia, You're Never Weird on The Internet (Almost)
DAWSON, Delilah S., STAR WARS: Phasma
ENGEL, Amy, The Roanoke Girls
ESQUERRA, MINA, Kiss and Cry
FLYNN, Avery, Parental Guidance
GABALDON, Diana, Outlander
GABALDON, Diana, A Dragonfly In Amber
GABALDON, Diana, Voyager
GAFFIGAN, Jim, Dad Is Fat
GEORGE, Nina, Little Paris Bookshop
GREGORY, Philippa, The White Queen
GREGORY, Philippa, The Red Queen
GREGORY, Philippa, Lady of The Rivers
GRAY, Claudia, Bloodline
GRAY, Claudia, STAR WARS: Leia, Princess of Alderaan
HERBERT, Frank, Dune
HUNTER, Aislinn. The World Before Us
HUNTING, Helena, Pucked
HUNTING, Helena, Pucked love
JAMIESON, Kelly, Play to Win 
JAMIESON, Kelly, Playing Hurt
JAMIESON, Kelly, Back Check
JAMIESON, Kelly, Top Shelf
JAMIESON, Kelly, Off Limits
JAMIESON, Kelly, Icing
JAMIESON, Kelly, Major Misconduct
JAMIESON, Kelly, Big Stick
JAMIESON, Kelly, Slap Shot
JAMIESON, Kelly, Game on
JENNINGS, Holly, Arena
KENNEDY, A. L. The Drosten's Curse
KEMP, Paul S., Lords of the Sith
KOONTZ, Dean, Forever Odd
LAUREN, Christian, The Unhoneymooners
LEBBON, Tim, Dawn of the Jedi: Into The Void
LUCENO, James, Millennium Falcon
LUCENO, James, Catalyst
MADISON, Natasha, Something So Right
MILLER, John Jackson, Kenobi
MOE, John, Dear Luke, We Need to Talk
MORENO-GARCIA, Silvia, Signal to Noise
MORENO-GARCIA, Silvia, Certain Dark Things
MOYES, Jojo, Me Before You
MOYES, Jojo, After You
NEUVEL, Sylvain, Sleeping Giants
PAIGE, Lindsay, Back to Me
PERRY, Steve, Shadows of the Empire
ROTHERT, Brenda, Killian
SAPKOWSKI, Andrzej, Sword of Destiny
SAPKOWSKI, Andrzej, The Last Wish
SAPKOWSKI, Andrzej, Blood Of Elves
SHAFRIR, Doree, Startup
WEIR, Andy, The Martian
WENDIG, Chuck, Aftermath
WILLOUGHBY, Kate, Clean Sweep
ZAHN, Timothy, Star Wars: Thrawn

KENNEDY, Elle, The Deal
KENNEDY, Elle, The Mistake
KENNEDY, Elle, The Score
KENNEDY, Elle, The Goal
KENNEDY, Elle, The Chase
KENNEDY, Elle, The Risk
MADSEN, Cindi, Getting Lucky Number Seven

ADAMS, Lyssa Kay, The Bromance Book Club
ANDREWS, Amy, The Kissing Contract
ANDREWS, Amy, Playing it Cool
ANKENMAN, Mariah, The Best Friend Problem
BARBERI, Kara, White Stag
BENNET, Robert Jackson, Foundryside
BOUGHAN, F.M., Cinderella, Necromancer
BOUGHAN, F.M., Cinderella's Inferno
BRANDES, Nadine, Romanov
BRUNO, Rhett C, Titan's Wrath
BUDZINSKI, Linda, The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0
CABOT, Meg, No Judgements
CASSIDY, Nat, Steal The Stars
CHEN, Jacqueline, Loading Penguin Hugs
CHIANG, Sylv, Cross Ups: Tournament Trouble
CHIANG, Sylv, Cross Ups: Anyone's Game
CHOKSHI, Roshani, Gilded Wolves
DAWSON, Delilah S. & HEARNE, Kevin, Kill The Farmboy
DAWSON, Delilah S. & HEARNE, Kevin, No Country For Old Gnomes
DECKER, Natalie, Right Girl, Wrong Timing (offsides #3)
DOMINY, Amy Fellner, Announcing Trouble
DUNCAN, Emily A, Wicked Saints
DUNN, Gaby & RASKIN, Allison, Please Send Help
EDWARDS, Leigh Ann, The Norse Protector
ELLIS, Adam, Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously
FORD, J. Keller, In the Shadow of the Dragon King
FORD, J. Keller, Rage of the Dragon King
FORD, J. Keller, Bane of the Dragon King
GARCIA, Kami, Raven
GARDNER, Whitney, Chaotic Good
GREY, Melissa, Girl at Midnight
HAHN, Erin, You'd Be Mine
HAVENS, Candace, Bet Me To Stay
HEADLEY, Maria Dahvana, Magonia
HICKS, Erin Faith, Comics with Break Your Hard
JAMIESON, Kelly, In It To Win It
KAGAWA, Julie, The Shadow of the Fox
KAGAWA, Julie, Soul of the Sword
KALESKI, Katie, You, Me & letting Go
LALLI, Sonya, The Matchmaker's List
LANG, Ruby, Playing House
LEGRAND, Claire, Furyborn
LEGRAND, Claire, Sawkill Girls
LINCOLN, Liz, Home Field Advantage
NICKERSON, Jane, The Mirk and Midnight Hour
MEADER, Kate, Good Guy
McLean, Michelle, How to Forgive at Highlander
MCKinley, Jenn, The Good Ones
MCQUISTON, Casey, Red, White & Royal Blue
MORENO-GARCIA, Silvia, The Beautiful Ones
MORENO-GARCIA, Silvia, Prime Meridian
MORENO-GARCIA, Silvia, Gods of Jade and Shadow
MYRACLE, Lauren, Under The Moon
OLIVER, Lauren, Broken Things
PATEL, Shaila, Soulmated
PENNINGTON, Jessica, When Summer Ends
PRETO, Nicki Pau, Crown of Feathers
PRICE, Melynda, The Nanny Rules
RICCIO, Christine, Again, but Better
RITTER, William, The Oddmire
ROOYEN, Suzanne Van, I Heart Robot
SMITH, Amber, Something Like Gravity
SKRUTKIE, Emily, Hullmetal Girls
SPARROW, Sarah, A Guide for Murdered Children
STATHAM, Leigh, The Perilous Journey of the Much-Too-Spontaneous Girl
TRENTHAM, Laura, A Highlander Walks Into a Bar
TUNG, Debbie, Book Love
YOUNG, Adrienne, Sky In The Deep
WEIR, Andy, Artemis
WINFREY, Kerry, Waiting for Tom Hanks
ZENTNER, Jeff, Rayne and Delilah's Midnite Matinee

ALTERICI, Heather, Heathen V.1
ARRON, Star Wars, Vol.1
BECHDEL, Alison, Fun Home
B, David, Hasib and the Serpent Queen
CABOT, Meg, Avalon High Coronation
CATHON, Sam & Poppy and the leaf thief
CARBONE, The Music Box
DOCTOROW, Cory, In Real life
FLECHAIS, Amelie, The Lost Path
FRANCO, The Owl, The Ghost
FREY, Jennifer, Kate's Really Good at Hockey
GEDRIS, Megan Rose, Spectacle Vol.1
GILLEN, Kieron, Doctor Aphra, Vol.1
GILLEN, Kieron, Doctor Aphra, Vol. 2
KRUG, Nora, Belonging
MILLIGAN, Peter, We Who Are About to Die
MOORE, Alan, V For Vendetta
MOORE, Alan, Watchmen
MARVEL COMICS, Star Wars Legends: New Republic
MULLIGAN, Brennan Lee, Strong Female Protagnist
O'NEILL, Katie, Aquicorn Cove
O'NEILL, Katie, The Tea Dragon Festival
PHILLIPS, Stephanie, Kicking Ice
SANDERSON, Peter, Marvel Saga 1 & 2
SCOTT, Mairghread, The City of the Other Side
SHAPIRO, Howard, Hockey Karma
SHAPIRO, Howard, The Hockey Saint
STEVENSON, Noelle, Lumberjanes, Vol.1
STEVENSON, Noelle, Nimona
TAMAKI, Jillian & Mariko, This O ne Summer
TAKEUCHI, Naoko, Sailor Moon, Vol. 1
TAKEUCHI, Naoko, Sailor Moon, Vol. 2
VAUGHN, Brian, Saga Vol.1
VAUGHN, Brian, Saga Vol.2
VAUGHN, Brian, Saga Vol.3
VAUGHN, Brian, Saga Vol.4
VAUGHN, Brian, Saga Vol.5
VAIGHN, Brian, Paper Girls, Vol. 1
WIEBE, Kurtis, Rat Queens Vol.1
WIEBE, Kurtis, Rat Queens Vol.2
WILSON, Willow, Ms.Marvel
ZAHN, Timothy, Heir To The Empire

ALBERTALLI, Becky, Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda
BARTON, Emily, Book of Esther
BLACK Holly & LARBALESTIER, Zombies VS. Unicorns
BROWN, Pierce, Red Rising
CAMERON, Cate, Center Ice (Corrigan Falls Raiders #1)
CAMERON, Cate, Playing Defense (Corrigan Falls Raiders #2)
CAMERON, Cate, Winging It (Corrigan Falls Raiders #3)
CAMERON, Cate, Breakaway (Corrigan Falls Raiders #4)
CARD, Orson Scott, Ender's Game
CLINE, Ernst, Armada
CLUESS, Jessica, A Shadow Bright And Burning
CORDOVA, Zoraida, Bruja Born
CORDOVA, Zoraida, Labyrinth Lost
CROSS, Julie, Off The Ice
ERNSHAW, Shea, The Wicked Deep
FLETCHER, Erin, All laced Up
FLETCHER, Erin, Tied up in You
FORD, Jamie, Songs of Willow Frost
FUNKE, Cornelia, Inkheart
GRAY, Claudia, A Thousand Pieces of You
GREGORIO, I.W., None of The Above
GREEN, John, Paper Towns
HAN, Jenny, To All The Boys I've Loved Before
HAN, Jenny, Always and Forever, Lara Jean
HASAK-LOWY, Todd, Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You
HOWARD, A.G., Splintered
JOHNSON, Maureen, The Shadow Cabinet
JOHNSON, Maureen, The Madness Underneath
KIRKALDIE, Rachel, The Unicorn Hunter
LAFEVERS, Robin, Mortal Heart
LANDERS, Melissa, Alienated
MAAS, Sarah J, Crown of Midnight
MAAS, Sarah J, Throne of Glass
MEYER, Marissa, Heartless
MEYER, Marissa, Fairest
MEYER, Marissa, Cress
MEYER, Marissa, Cinder
NESS, Patrick, More Than This
NICKERSON, Jane, Strands of Bronze and Gold
OCKLER, Sarah, #Scandal
OLIVER, Lauren, Before I Fall
OLIVER, Lauren, Panic
PERKINS, Stephanie, Anna and the French Kiss
PERKINS, Stephanie, Lola and the Boy Next Door & Isla and the Happily Ever After
RIGGS, Ransom, Hollow City
RAASCH, Sarah, Snow Like Ashes
RIORDAN, Rick, Blood Of Olympus
RIORDAN, Rick, Kane Chronicles
RIORDAN, Rick, Hammer of Thor
ROOPER, Leah and Kate, Just One Of The Boys
ROOPER, Leah and Kate, Just one of the Royals
ROTH, Veronica, Allegiant
ROWELL, Rainbow, Fangirl
SCHMIDT, Tiffany, Hold Me Like a Breath
SHUSTERMAN, Neal, Undivided
SHUSTERMAN, Neal, Unsouled
SHUSTERMAN, Neal, Unwholly
SHUSTERMAN, Neal, Unwind
SKOVRON, Jon, Man Made Boy
SKRUTKIE, Emily, The Abyss Surrounds US
SKYE, Evelyn, The Crown's Game
SMITH, Andrew, Grasshopper Jungle
STIEFVATER, Maggie, The Dream Thieves
TAYLOR, Laini, Dreams Of Gods And Monsters
WALTON, Leslye, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
WEIN, Elizabeth, Code Name Verity
WESTERFELD, Scott, Goliath
WESTERFELD, Scott, Behemoth
WESTERFELD, Scott, Leviathan
YANCEY, Rick, The 5th Wave
YANCEY, Rick, The Infinite Sea
YANCEY, Rick, The Last Star
YOUNG, Moira, Blood Red Road
YOON, Nicola, The Sun is Also A Star