This means I am not currently accepting any unsolicited requests to review books or participate in blog tours at this time. Please read this before reaching out. I am no longer responding to unsolicited emails by publishers or authors who cannot read my policies.

★  I am only accepting review requests for young adult contemporary/romance, adult romance (especially sports romance) and adult scifi/fantasy. You can send me an email at Dmvasso@gmail.com. In your email please include the summary, and release date. Please make sure you read this policy, and if your book does not fit these category, please do not reach out to me, I am not the right reader for your book. PLEASE STOP CONTACTING ME ON GOODREADS!

★ I now accept both digital and physical copies of books

★  I will gladly host giveaways, interviews, features or anything else to help promote your book. If you are interested in doing a guest post on my blog please let me know in your initial email

★  By accepting or receiving your book that does not guarantee that I will read your book or post the review on my blog right away. It may take several weeks before I can even get to the book. If it's an ARC copy I will try to accommodate that and post the review on or around the release date. Please note, if you request a book review for a book releasing in a week's time or less I will definitely not be able to finish the book in time for release. I will gladly still read and review but in my own time.

★  All reviews will be my honest opinion, even if it is negative. I make it a habit to post the reason for why I didn't like a particular book, and why I gave it a lower rating. Please keep in mind that just because you send me a copy of your book does not guarantee a glowing review

★  Reviews will be posted on this blog, amazon & goodreads and links posted on my facebook page and twitter. I also try to post photos to my instagram account as well.

★  If you have any further questions feel free to contact me via email


★ Any books/audiobooks provided for review will be explicitly stated as so

★ Reviews done from a provided book copy will be treated the same as those done from books I have purchased myself. Being provided a copy WILL NOT reflect the integrity of the review

★ All summaries & book cover photos are not owned by me, these are either culled from GoodReads or provided by the publisher for promotional material to include with my review. All excerpts or Author info is provided either from the publisher or the author themselves


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What's allowed:

  • You may publish a quote of 200 words or less from reviews/articles with a link to the original piece on my blog.  Credit must be given in a way that makes it obvious that the content is not your own.
  • Full articles/reviews are not permitted to be republished from my blog without WRITTEN permission from me. If it's Guest Post that I'm doing on your blog, that is a different story and we will probably discuss beforehand.


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Happy Reads Everyone!