Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Where this blog is going

So you may have noticed that I have been very absent from the blog lately. Partly that is because I released my first book under my pen name and it's taken up a lot of my time. Some people know my pen name, but I'm not releasing it again.

I have a couple ARCs I promised to read, but I honestly don't think I have the time to keep up with doing both my author stuff, the blog, and my 9-5 job. It is way too much, and the stress of everything is weighing me down.

Honestly, I feel like the blog has been more of a chore anymore and I'm just not enjoying writing reviews anymore. I think once i'm done with the ARCs I have, I'm not going to be requesting arcs anymore. I might pop in and out with some long overdue reviews. But I just don't know if blogging is something I want to do anymore. I'm not sure if this author stuff is going to pan out either, but I enjoy that way more. Even though it is really fucking hard and multiple times I have just wanted to quit. I have to remove one stress from my life right now and it feels like that is this.

Monday, July 20, 2020

#ARCREVIEW: You Had Me At Hola By Alexis Daria

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You had me at hola by Alexis Daria
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: August 4th, 2020
Format: egalley*
My Rating: 
GoodReads ★ Amazon ★ B&N 
RITA® Award Winning author Alexis Daria brings readers an unforgettable, hilarious rom-com set in the drama-filled world of telenovelas—perfect for fans of Jane the Virgin and The Kiss Quotient.

Leading Ladies do not end up on tabloid covers. 

After a messy public breakup, soap opera darling Jasmine Lin Rodriguez finds her face splashed across the tabloids. When she returns to her hometown of New York City to film the starring role in a bilingual romantic comedy for the number one streaming service in the country, Jasmine figures her new “Leading Lady Plan” should be easy enough to follow—until a casting shake-up pairs her with telenovela hunk Ashton Su├írez. 

Leading Ladies don’t need a man to be happy

After his last telenovela character was killed off, Ashton is worried his career is dead as well. Joining this new cast as a last-minute addition will give him the chance to show off his acting chops to American audiences and ping the radar of Hollywood casting agents. To make it work, he’ll need to generate smoking-hot on-screen chemistry with Jasmine. Easier said than done, especially when a disastrous first impression smothers the embers of whatever sexual heat they might have had. 

Leading Ladies do not rebound with their new costars. 

With their careers on the line, Jasmine and Ashton agree to rehearse in private. But rehearsal leads to kissing, and kissing leads to a behind-the-scenes romance worthy of a soap opera. While their on-screen performance improves, the media spotlight on Jasmine soon threatens to destroy her new image and expose Ashton’s most closely guarded secret.

This was actually the first book I've read by Alexis Daria, believe it or not. Her other books are on my TBR but I haven't gotten around to it yet. This one was really enjoyable.

Friday, July 3, 2020

#REVIEW: White Whiskey Bargain By Jodie Slaughter

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White Whiskey Bargain By Jodie Slaughter
Release Date: June 29th, 2020
Format: ebook
My Rating: 
GoodReads ★ Amazon ★ 

“I want to give you my gratitude someplace other than that pretty mouth of yours.” - Javier Meza
The sudden and tragic death of her mother throws Hannah Hawkins into a position she doesn’t feel at all prepared for. With the duty of leading her family’s decades-long moonshining business weighing heavy on her shoulders, the last thing she needs is something making her transition even harder. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she gets. A band of vicious new players has arrived in small-town Harlan, Kentucky, and while what they really want remains a mystery, it quickly becomes clear they’re willing to stoop to dark lengths to get it. To fight off a beast, Hannah realizes she needs to join forces with a rival. 
Javier Meza may be the sole heir to his family’s moonshining empire, but he’s certainly no leader. He has no head for business or diplomacy, preferring to spend his days in the trenches, making corn liquor with the rest of the “cooks.” That doesn’t mean he isn’t more than willing to step up and take charge when his family finds themselves in danger. Forming a shaky partnership with the Hawkins family is one thing, but marrying Hannah Hawkins to keep their deal on the straight and narrow is something else entirely. 
From All Things Burn author, Jodie Slaughter comes a multicultural romance about illegal white whiskey, a marriage of convenience between decades-long rival families, and Black Appalachia. Readers of Kenya Wright, Theodora Taylor, and Lucy Score & Claire Kingsley will enjoy this full-length romance novel with a strong heroine, swoon-worthy hero, and a very satisfying HEA.
This is definitely a book that got sold to me via social media. I've never heard of this author before, and I definitely am going to read more of her work. This one was a cool modern arranged marriage book but also about moonshiners? What? That's cool!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

#REVIEW: All Wrapped Up For The Holidays

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All Wrapped up For The Holidays
Release Date: Nov. 30th, 2019
Format: ebook
My Rating: 

Six standalone holiday short stories!

The Merry Mistake by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Note to self: Ask Santa for glasses this year. When I accidentally mistook a gorgeous man resting outside my building for a homeless person in need of lunch, we got into it. I’d only been trying to do a good deed around the holidays, but he called me righteous. I called him something far worse. If only I didn’t have to see him again. But fate had other plans.

Finding Perfect by Colleen Hoover

A short story that brings back several of Colleen’s most beloved characters. Told from the point of view of Daniel from Finding Cinderella, readers will finally get the story they’ve been begging for more of. For the best reading experience, make sure you’ve read all three books that come together to make up this heartwarming and fun holiday short story; Finding CinderellaHopeless and All Your Perfects.

A Rock Chick Christmas by Kristen Ashley

What's Christmas with the Starks like? Get a peek into the Rock Chick world and how Luke copes with Ava going Christmas gaga and just what he will, and won't, do for his girls during the holidays.

Just Say When by Jill Shalvis

When the one you want …

Is the one you can’t seem to have…

Can love conquer all?

The Pact by Elle Kennedy

Thanks to my hectic schedule as a pro hockey player, my girl and I are spending more time apart than together. Luckily, I have a solution—a romantic New Year’s Eve getaway in the mountains, just me and Grace and plenty of sexytimes. Except this blizzard has other ideas...

The Package by K. Bromberg

Christmas week can’t get any worse for Jules Jilliland. Dumped by her boyfriend, rear-ended on the freeway, and fired from her job, she finds herself stuck in an elevator with a handsome stranger. When their packages are accidentally swapped, will it end up being a misfortunate accident that suddenly brightens her holidays?

I can't remember but I think this anthology was like a newsletter freebie. It's not even on amazon anymore, so I think that's how I got it. Also, this is a tricky one to review. I think if you enjoy all the authors in here you will like it, but I've only read Elle Kennedy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

#AudiobookReview: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

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Iron Gold By Pierce Brown
Publisher: Recorded Books
Release Date: Jan, 16th, 2018
Format: Audiobook
My Rating: ★ 1/2
GoodReads ★ Amazon 

Honor and betrayal fuel a caste-shattering revolution in the action-packed new novel from the number one New York Times best-selling author of the Red Rising Trilogy.

Ten years after the events of Morning Star, Darrow and the Rising are battling the remaining Gold loyalist forces and are closer than ever to abolishing the color-coded caste system of Society for good. But new foes will emerge from the shadows to threaten the imperfect victory Darrow and his friends have earned. Pierce Brown expands the size and scope of his impressive Red Rising universe with new characters, enemies, and conflicts among the stars.

This is going to come to a shock for a lot of people and I am definitely in the minority, but I HATED this book. I loved the original trilogy so I was a little wary when I saw there was a follow up book. So I put off reading it for a while, when I picked it up it ended up being one of my most disappointing books to date.