Sunday, April 19, 2020

#ARCREVIEW: Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett

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Shorefall By Robert Jackson Bennett
Publisher: Del ReyRelease Date: April 21st, 2020
Format: egalley*
My Rating: 
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As a magical revolution remakes a city, an ancient evil is awakened in a brilliant new novel from the Hugo-nominated author of Foundryside and the Divine Cities trilogy

Having narrowly saved the metropolis of Tevanne from destruction, Sancia Grado and her allies have turned to their next task: sowing the seeds of a full-on magical-industrial revolution. If they succeed, the secrets behind scriving—the art of imbuing everyday objects with sentience—will be accessible to all of Tevanne’s citizens, much to the displeasure of the robber-barons who’ve hoarded this knowledge for themselves.  

But one of Sancia’s enemies has embarked on a desperate gambit, an attempt to resurrect a figure straight out of legend—an immortal being known as a heirophant. Long ago, the heirophant was an ordinary man, but he’s used scriving to transform himself into something closer to a god. Once awakened, he’ll stop at nothing to remake the world in his horrifying image.

And if Sancia can’t stop this ancient power from returning? Well, the only way to fight a god…is with another god.
I read the first book in this series last year and really enjoyed it, while I did enjoy this one a lot, I have to admit I struggled with it a little bit. I think mostly this might stem from my mood reading and how reading a very complex fantasy novel is just not what I want right now. The complex stuff...I'm still not sure I even understand the whole scriving thing in this series. It's interesting, but I don't get it. 

I definitely liked the first book a lot better, and even though this book had a lot of action to it, I do think part of it suffers from second book syndrome. A lot of crazy twists and turns happen in this book, but I was like three minutes done the book and things weren't really resolved. The book ends leading into the next book, which I get, but also made me a little disappointed.

I was interested to learn more about who Clef, the key from the first book, was. That was an interesting turn. The stuff with the Gods and everything that is happening with Sancia was interesting too. I do wonder if maybe there are too many characters in this book?

I'm definitely interested in the next book in this series. I really want to see how this one ends.

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