Tuesday, March 17, 2020

#REVIEW: Saddler's Secret By Nicole Rodrigues

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Saddler's Secret By Nicole Rodrigues
Publisher: Nicole Rodrigues
Release Date: September 20th, 2019
Format: Kindle
My Rating: ★ 1/2

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Machlin Saddler.
Uber asshole, real estate mogul, sexy as hell and CEO of Saddler Enterprises, where I now work. Heartbreaking circumstances thrusts me into motherhood, and on the plane ride home, I break down, kissing a total stranger and the angel offered me a solution; Saddler Enterprises. I've climbed the ladder and worked my ass off for months, and in walks, Adam, our intern. I try to keep things professional but all of a sudden, I start to find him funny and charming. His kiss electrifies me but that's precisely when shit really hits the fan.
Suddenly, I'm on the mysterious Machlin Saddler’s radar. Big, bad CEO that never makes his way to our floor, now makes it his new stomping grounds. He lights my body on fire like no one has before. He's alluring and gorgeous and I'm being pulled in two different directions. Only the new intern isn't who I think he is. He's the perfect stranger from the plane I took to start my new life with Kenzie. The perfect stranger I kissed. The perfect stranger I hate. 
Genevieve Langston
The breathtaking woman I haven't been able to keep my mind off of, has been my downfall. I need her like a lion needs prey but I can't screw up the plan. She'll hate me, hell she already does, but the line between love and hate is very, very thin. 

I'm a big fan of enemies to lovers, so I was pretty excited to start this one. I liked this one enough, but there were just some things about it that I didn't totally love. I just didn't get why Mac had to be so deceptive with Gen in the beginning about who he was. The setup just felt so weird.

I also just felt like the embezzlement scam they try to uncover at the company came out of nowhere and didn't' really need to be in the plot? It just felt weird to me.

I did like these two together, even if they started out rocky. It was quickly apparent that while they thought they hated each other, they really did not!

This was a quick read, and I think I will check out more from this author later.

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