Friday, March 6, 2020

Review: Accidental Tryst By Mia London

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Accidental Tryst By Mia London
Publisher: Mia London Books
Release Date: September 3rd, 2019
Format: Kindle
My Rating: 

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So much for the American Dream. After twenty years of marriage, successful careers, and two teenage boys, Angie and Mac's relationship dissolves into disappointment and resentment.
Overworked and underappreciated, the toll of their problems fizzles their dream of happily ever after.

Smacked in the face with failure, Steve "Mac" MacKey refuses to give up so easily, and strategizes how to win back his wife. So a plan to confront her by leveraging the boys backfires on him. In the most wonderfully unexpected way.

Angie's misery in marriage is topped only by her misery without Mac. When she confronts Mac in his office, she learns just how fine that line is between lust and anger. And when she thought her husband couldn't care any less about her, he sparked a new fire inside her she didn't know existed . . . that felt so damn good.

Sex may not solve everything, and it's a far cry from making any real changes, or fixing her emotional rollercoaster.
Can they last that ride long enough to save their marriage, or are their rifts and broken promises too deep to cross?
WARNING: Minor Spoiler in this review. 

I was drawn to this book because it was about a married couple and a marriage in trouble. I like reading about couples in trouble and overcoming those things. So this one was interesting, but also I felt like Angie over-reacted to their marriage being over TOO quickly. It felt like Mac really wanted to try. They both made mistakes, but that was part of what I liked about it.

I did have a hard time with this one because SPOILER there is kind of a cheating subplot. But also not really? They are split up and Mac starts something with a woman he meets at a bar, but stops it before it happens because he just can't. He really made a mistake here, and he wants to fix things with his wife. Of course that has to be brought up again, and it just felt a little TOO dramatic here.

I felt like this one had a lot of promise and overall I was happy with the end, but that cheating stuff just left a bad taste in my mouth. I really wished that was left out of the final book. 

I still think I will read another book from this author, I just didn't completely love this one.

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