Sunday, January 19, 2020

Romance Book Tag

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Um...Tanya at Girl Plus Books tagged me in this during the summer and then I promptly forgot about it! Sorry, but here it finally is!

First Romance Your Remember Reading

The Princess Diaries totally counts right? It eventually has the HEA we wanted. But also, Meg put out that romance novel that was supposed to be written by Mia and proceeds went to Green Peace, so it definitely started here.

Last Romance You Read

Techincally it was Love, Unscripted, but I don't think that really was a romance. I just finished Fireworks by Sarina Bowen on audio.

The Romance You Are Most Likely to Recommend to A Newbie 

Hmm this is a good question, because I would argue I am still kind of a newbie romance reader. I think it depends on what they are interested in, so I would ask those questions first. Like Sports Romance? Kelly Jamieson. Sarina Bowen is a good choice too.

The Romance You Are Most Likely To Recommend to Another Romance Reader

This is hard because I feel like other romance readers are more intuned to this stuff than I am. But Bromance Book Club is kind of like a love letter to romance readers so I definitely recommend it.

An Underrated Romance You Wish More People Would Read

I went to look at the average ratings on GoodReads to determine this, but I recently read this first book by Sabrina Sol because I'm trying to research books by Latinx authors for my own book, and this one was so good. I even have the second and third book but haven't read it yet.

An Overrated Romance You Wish People Would Stop Talking About

I don't really have an answer to this one, because I honestly don't pay attention. Maybe some of the historical fiction stuff, because I am NOT a hisrom fan at all. I feel like I'm such an outsider in romancelandia because of that.

An Auto-Buy Author

Meg Cabot, Kelly Jamieson and Sarina Bowen, not necessarily in that order.

An Author You Used To Love That you have since abandoned

Hmm, I wouldn't say any I have abandoned, but I forget about authors a lot because I'm busy reading other stuff.

Favorite Trope

Enemies to Lovers! God, I love a good hate fuck.

Best Book With Your Favorite Trope

ooh, maybe The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, it definitely inspired me to write my own. Probably also why I wrote my hero as being Mexican-American (but also probably because of Auston Mathews too because he's a hockey player.)

Most Hated Trope

Love Triangles, cheating.

A Book You Like Even Though It Has The Trope You Hate

I really tend to just shy away from them and they are the reason I end up NOT liking those books.

Your Problematic Favorite

Okay, I'm sure all of our faves have problematic things, so I think we need to recognize that. I wouldn't say I have one specific, but as a writer myself I really shrive to make sure there isn't problematic stuff in my books, but at the same time you'll never learn and grow if people don't tell you why something is problematic.

A Book Everyone Else Loved That Has You Scratching Your Head

Okay, not a romance, but Iron Gold by Pierce Brown. The trilogy was good, this new book was awful. I'm not sorry.

Your Favorite Romancelandia Person to Follow on Twitter

I follow a lot so I don't like to drill it down to one person.

A Place Or Person You Go To For Recommendations or Reviews

Usually just Goodreads. Or I find new authors via instagram.

A Book That Has A Character That Reminds You of Yourself

May from Speakeasy, but not because of the alcoholic thing, for another reason.

Romance Cover You Love

There Are soooo many!

A Book You've Reread more Than Twice

Sorry Princess Diaries again! I have read that book cover-to-cover at least four times that the spine is all bent and fucked up.

Best Romance Audiobook

I listen to a TON of romance audiobooks so I can't answer this one.

Best romance/rom-com movie

Hmm, Always be my maybe.

Favorite heroine

Stevie from A Favor For a Favor by Helena Hunting.

Favorite Hero

Hands down JP from In It To Win It by Kelly Jamieson

Your All-Time Favorite Romance

What? That's just rude. I'm not answering that.

I'm not tagging anyone because I'm lazy. Tag yourselves if you want to do it!

Happy Reads Everyone!

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