Saturday, October 19, 2019

#REVIEW: Jocking Jameson (Face-off Legacy #4) By Jillian Quinn

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Jocking Jameson By Jillian Quinn
Publisher: Penn Publishing
Release Date: February, 2019
Format: egalley*
My Rating: 
GoodReads ★ Amazon  
This nerd-jock will do anything to score…

After a steamy kiss from the hottest nerd I’d ever met, we became friends with benefits. I didn’t care he played hockey. That’s not why I liked him. Because we bonded over what we love most—video games.

Jamie knew every button to press.
Every level to hit.
And he scored every time…
Until a threat from his past changed everything.

Jocking Jameson is a full-length standalone novel, complete with hot hockey players, plenty of laughs, and a HEA. Scroll up to get your copy today!
This is my first time reading a book by Jillian Quinn, but her hockey books are set in Philly and she's a hometown girl so I definitely want to read more of her books! I was intrigued by Jocking Jameson because it has two of my loves - hockey and video games!

This one kind of reminded me a little bit of Elle Kennedy's The Chase, but mostly because of the hockey + video games thing. I loved hearing about Jameson's video game company, but I HATED the plot with the crazy ex. That girl was just too much. I think we are supposed to hate it, but it did feel a little too over the top.

I really liked Shannon and Jamie together. I also liked how independent Shannon was and her drive to start her own business. I liked that they started out as casual friends who crossed the line one night and then slowly turned into something more. I really liked that Jameson realized that Cece wasn't actually a good person. Or "the one for him." She was manipulative and cruel, and Shannon was none of that. It was good to see him understand what a healthy relationship was like.

I loved that these books were set in Philly, because yay that's my city! So I definitely want to continue reading the other books. This one is part of a series, but it can standalone, so I don't think I missed anything not having read the other ones.

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