Monday, September 9, 2019

#ARCReview: Fake Date (Dating #2) By Monica Murphy

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Fake Date by Monica Murphy
Publisher: EM Publishing
Release Date: September 17th, 2019
Format: egalley*
My Rating: ★ 1/2
GoodReads ★ Amazon ★ B&N 
Working at Bliss Lingerie, Sarah Harrison deals with all sorts of—interesting clientele. Yet no one sparks her interest more than Jared Gaines, the ultra-rich, ultra-sexy businessman who frequents her shop, buying delicate little “gifts” for the women in his life.

But one day, Jared sends her a gift from Bliss. Then another—and another. So when Sarah walks into his office demanding to know why he can't stop sending her gifts, he makes her an offer she somehow can’t refuse: be his fake girlfriend for the weekend while attending his brother’s engagement party.

Next thing Sarah knows, she’s in San Francisco, pretending to be in love with Jared. Not that it’s a hardship. Once you get the man away from the office, he’s much more relaxed. Sweet. Funny. Even…thoughtful? Oh, and sexier than ever, of course.

Their pretend relationship feels very real, very quickly. Soon Sarah’s in over her head. Could what she and Jared share turn into something real? Or is it all actually…fake?

I'm kinda of conflicted with this review, because on the one hand, it uses two of my favorite tropes -- hate-to-love and fake dating--but on the other end I felt like some of the conflicts were just TOO dramatic. Maybe it was just me? This is actually book two, but I feel like I didn't need to read book one to get this book. So I don't think that's why it didn't completely click for me. I still enjoyed myself reading this, but ugh did these two annoy me!

I did love the beginning of this novel where we could see just the sheer animosity between the two of them. I freaking loved it! I also loved that when we get to Jared's POV, he basically does it because he thinks she's hot when she's angry. HAHA! I do think he was a hard character to love. He's very cold and standoffish. I can really relate to that, and we later understand why he walls himself off, but I just wanted to shake him! I also felt like it was a little sketch that he just convinced Sarah's coworker to give him her home address. The whole gift giving thing was starting to get a little too creepy for me. 

There are definitely some scenes where I felt like Sarah way overreacts and I honestly felt like she was a little too pushy with getting Jared to reconnect with his family. Like, he definitely needed to do it, but her pushing him to do everything in one weekend was a little much. I did love his relationship with his sister and Candice and I'm glad she was there to make sure they have their HEA!

This is a romance that does have some sex scenes, but there is really only one that is explicit and I didn't think it was that descriptive. The rest just kind of mention sex. So I think in terms of heat level, I would maybe say it's a medium. 

I definitely want to go back and read the first book in this series, and i'm excited that the third book is about Candice!

*I received an advanced reader copy from the PR firm Social Butterfly PR via Netgalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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