Tuesday, September 3, 2019

#ARCREVIEW: The Boyfriend Contract by Victoria James

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The Boyfriend Contract By Victoria James
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Release Date: September 23rd, 2019
Format: egalley*
My Rating: 
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Emily Birmingham has had it up to here with men.

Growing up with an overbearing father and then her brother inherits everything she’s worked her whole life to build. Now she’s living in her grandmother's dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere Canada, jobless, and dealing with the most annoyingly sexy contractor on the planet. Exactly when did her life become an anti-Hallmark movie?

Cooper Merrick learned the hard way that love is definitely not worth the risk. He’s happy running the family contracting business alongside his well-meaning but overly-opinionated brothers...happy enough until polished and perfect Emily enters his world. Nothing prepared him for the ways she turns his life upside down and reaches the parts of himself he’s closed off from the world.

But when he finally gets up the nerve to ask Emily out, she says her next date will need to come with a written contract and some very particular ground rules. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but why does he find himself wanting to sign on the dotted line?
The Boyfriend Contract was a sweet and cute adult romance with very minimal heat to it. Like so low, I don't think the burner was even on. So if you like romances that are sweet and innocent, this one might be for you. The book is a romance and it does have a HEA, but I do think it's much more about our heroine Emily finding herself and getting out from behind the shadow of her family.

Cooper was a very broken Stoic guy, so of course I was about him. It's been five years, but he's still very much grieving over his late wife. He went through a lot, and I could understand why he held Emily at arms length so much. It's scary and risky to put yourself out there, but he ends up hurting Emily a lot because he is too afraid that it's going to happen to him. UGH! Men, why don't they just tell us what they are thinking? Honestly!

I did really like that Emily was determined to make her business work, and when she does have some setbacks, she quickly pivots to figure out what she actually wants to do. I do like the small town she finds herself in and how she quickly endears herself to a lot of people. She's also a total sweetheart, and a way nicer person than I would ever be!

The book is a cute and short read. If you are looking for something fun, but also deals with overcoming grief, I would recommend this one.

*I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher Entangled Publishing via Netgalley. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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