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#ARCREVIEW: So Steady by Eve Dangerfield (Silver Daughters #2)

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So Steady By Eve Dangerfield
Publisher: Eve Dangerfield Books
Release Date: August 14th, 2019
Format: egalley*
My Rating: 
GoodReads ★ Amazon ★ B&N 
Nicole DaSilva keeps her mind on the future. That’s where her perfect life is. At least it will be if she can sort out her broken engagement, get her tattoo removed, control her wayward sisters and catch the person stealing from their business…but that’s easier said than done. Especially when there’s a huge, strangely attractive tattooist in her way...

Noah Newcomb keeps his mind on the past. It’s where the demons come loose. He trusts no one and his only plans are for a vasectomy. He and Nicole make as much sense together as, well, an ex-con and a former school captain, but he's never been one to turn down a rebound thing. Especially not with a girl as Type A hot as her.

It's your standard ‘say anything to my sisters and I'll call the Australian Tax Office and tell them there's $500,000 in cash under your bed' affair, but as Nicole and Noah hook up it's clear they’re falling for each other. Can they meet in the present? Do they have a shot at something steady?
I didn't read the first book in Eve Dangerfield's Silver Daughters series, but I didn't feel lost at all starting in book two. Book two is Noah and Nicole's story. Nicole is the black sheep of her family, a boring accountant in a family of promiscuous tattoo artists. She's a bit uptight, and is very much sticking to all the plans she has for herself. Like staying with her jerk of a fiance who has cheated on her and hates her family and vice versa. Um...can we say, "Boy, bye?!?" Noah on the other hand is the strong silent type, but mostly because he has a lot of secrets. Like being a son of a notorious Biker Gang leader. These two can't help but be attracted to each other, even if Noah tries to lead her away.

I don't like cheating in books, so if that is a concern with you, don't worry, Nicole's fiance and her break up pretty early in the book. In fact one of her sisters even asks Noah to sleep with Nicole so she can get over the breakup. He refuses and really tries to fight off Nicole because he thinks he's too much for a girl like her. Noah was such a broken character and I really felt for the hard life he had as a kid. I do think he is much kinder than he lets on and I loved that when he looked at Nicole he said that she was "Rose Gold." Gah, my heart!

There's not an extreme amount of sex scenes in this book, but some of them are a bit more intense than what I am used to reading. Noah is a typical aggressive alpha, and Nicole is here for it. She seems to kind be into well...nameplay during sex...which for me personally is not my thing. But hey it's all consensual, so you do you girl!

I do think I could relate to Nicole so much, because she is a bit uptight and is wrapped up in her own insecurities. Girl, I understand. I did love that even though she fights who she is, she belongs with her family. This one has a definite HEA, and I'm really happy for this mismatched couple!

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