Tuesday, July 16, 2019

#ARCREVIEW: The Norse Protector by Leigh Ann Edwards #norse #fantasy

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The Norse Protector By Leigh Ann Edwards
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Release Date: July 30th, 2019
Format: egalley*
My Rating: ★ 1/2
GoodReads ★ Amazon ★ B&N 
She learns the ways of the fiercely loyal, but undeniably dangerous Vikings 
Torunn the Strong and her sisters, the descendants of the Goddess Solveig of Highgard are the only survivors of the dreaded Red Death. Tall, blonde, beautiful, brave and skilled in weaponry, Torunn will do whatever is necessary to save them from the scourge that killed their people. Forced to leave her sisters and her world behind, she is transported to the land of the Vikings where she is to discover the fate of the lost Highgardian boys sent there twenty years earlier.  
Near death, she is saved by Brandr, a fearless, tall, muscular, ruggedly handsome man once a Viking warrior. Torunn and Brandr are forced to battle the brutal mountainous climate, wild beasts, and dangerous enemies. Neither want to admit they are falling deeply in love, for Torunn hasn’t ever met a man before and Brandr’s past is filled with tragedy and betrayal. 
Is it possible for them to find happiness together?
I love Norse Mythology, and since I have been breaking out of my normal reading habits by reading more romance books, I stumbled upon The Norse Protector by Leigh Ann Edwards. It's part fantasy, part historical fiction and part romance, so I think it has something for everyone. I especially love the setting of this, and I felt like I could just see everything in my head.

One thing that made me not like this book as much as I thought I would is the pacing. I believe this is the first in a series, so I think a lot of this is because of setup. I just felt like it took way too long to get anywhere in this book. And then when the romance between Brandr and Torunn starts to really heat up, they go their separate ways and I wasn't really that interested in the new characters she meets. They are important in the end, but it just felt like there was a lot of walking in this book.

I do appreciate that even though this book is set in ancient Norway, during the time of Vikings, the mention of sexualities outside of heteronormativity is discussed. Because...heterosexuality has never been the "default" so that was cool to see in this book. Although, it does bring up a weird subplot of this novel that I just felt was a little unnecessary.

This story is interesting, but I'm unsure yet if I want to continue with the series. I think the next one is going to be in one of Torunn's sister's point of view, which could be interesting, but I'm afraid of reading another book that takes forever to get to the point. 

*I received an eARC copy of this book via Netgalley from Tule Publishing. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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