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#ARCREVIEW: Home Field Advantage By Liz Lincoln (Milwaukee Dragons #3)

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Home Field Advantage by Liz Lincoln
Publisher: LoveSwept
Release Date: July 16th, 2019
Format: egalley*
My Rating: 
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Is the Dragons’ new wide receiver: A) a fallen NFL star looking for a comeback, B) the sexy player your boss wants you to write an exposé on, or C) the former love of your life?

For Milwaukee Dragons beat reporter Natalie Griffith, he’s clearly D) all of the above. Three years ago, Natalie’s bombshell report on her ex-boyfriend’s off-the-field scandals landed her the job she loves, but she still feels guilty about destroying his career. Now Quinn Lowry’s back, and he’s taking over her locker room, flashing his charming smile and reminding her exactly how hot they were together.

After two years out of the league, Quinn is sober and on the field again. He’s worked his ass off and he’s not going to blow his second chance, not even for the woman who broke his heart—twice. Having Natalie around is the last thing Quinn needs while he’s trying to prove he deserves to stay on the team.

Maybe one final night together will give them both some much-needed closure. But with Natalie’s boss pressuring her for another headline-grabbing scoop, can she admit to herself that she’s falling for Quinn all over again?
I'm not much of a football fan (American football to clarify), hockey is more my jam, but I've definitely found the type of sexy adult romances that I am into -- Sports Romances! Home Field Advantage by Liz Lincoln is actually a third in a series, but you so totally can read these out of order. The couples in the other two books are mentioned and are side-characters in this story, but really this story is about a second chance romance between old lovers. I was totally here for it.

Right out of college I pursued Sports Journalism, but there were a lot of factors why it just wasn't the right career for me. (Long hours, still living with over protective and overbearing parents, not really caring about sports other than ice hockey), so reading about Natalie being so focused on her career was fun to read about. It was really annoying that she had to deal with a boss that wanted the gossipy stuff and not things with more substance. I worked for men when I was in the field, so I never remember really seeing stuff like this in our reporting or blog posts. So I do take a little pause at this conflict in the story, but that was only my experience, so perhaps other female sports reports have dealt with this issue. I think it really depends on the publication.

It did slightly bother me that Quinn seemed to blame everything wrong in his career on Natalie. I was really glad that we see he is in therapy about his substance abuse and is really trying hard to stay the course. So I am glad there is a scene with his therapist where she gets him to come to the conclusion that was really unfair of him. Quinn was a really brave character, and it was cool to see such a positive take on mental health and wanting to overcome addiction.

I really loved the two of these getting back together and just laughed when they agreed that it was just physical. HAHAH, okay, you two will see. The romance scenes are pretty detailed, so if that's not your thing you might want to butt out on this book. That used to not be my thing, but I've kind of gotten over that. Sometimes I want to read a sweet romance that is tame, sometimes I want to read stuff with a lot of sex scenes, and that's totally okay.

I definitely think I am going to check out the other books in this series. If you like Sport Romances, I would definitely recommend this one.

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