Saturday, March 2, 2019

February Wrap Up

I know that February is a shorter month, but it seems like this one really flew by! I am surprised I have been able to get some blogging in, mostly because I have been spending all my free time working on my writing. So much that I actually started another blog! It's mostly a website for my writing, so it's pretty much me writing about my story. So if you are interested in reading about that you can here. Fair warning, it's a lot of me just rambling and bitching.

So I might really only be popping in here and there for reviews for awhile since I am getting back into writing.


This month I had a Deanna Listens post that was a little different than the podcasts I normally feature. I am getting back into women's hockey, so I had a big shoutout to Women's Hockey Digest. I really hope the podcast comes back, because I really enjoy all the interviews with the players. 


I've been a little inconsistent with Deanna Plays, oh well! This month I have the first in a three part series about Spyro Reignited. I talked about the first game Spyro The Dragon in Feb.


I introduced my new theme Meet The Blogger last month, and I haven't had that much interest it in. I think I'm just going to start it in March and see if that drives more bloggers to want to be a part of it. If you are interested, check out the post and fill out the form.


Something I meant to talk about last month was to check in with the #BeatTheBacklistChallenge. So far I have knocked off two of the thirty books I challenged myself to read and wrote reviews for already. I'm very close to finishing To Kill A Kingdom which will mark book #3! 

Center Ice by Kate Corrigan  FINISHED!
I'll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson   FINISHED!



Happy Reads Everyone!

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