Thursday, February 28, 2019

#DeannaPlays: Spyro Reignited - Spyro The Dragon Review

Deanna Plays is a monthly feature on this blog where every third Thursday of the month I talk about something related to video games. Sometimes these are reviews of the games themselves, sometimes it's a list of books to read if you play X, and anything in between!

I've been busy working on my novel writing, so I have kind of been slacking on the blog, so this one is a whole week late! Today, is the start of a three-part review for Deanna Plays where I'm going to talk about Spyro Reignited. Spyro Reignited is the remake of the original three Spyro games, but today I'm talking about the first game Spyro The Dragon!

For this installment, I'm just going to be talking about the first game Spyro The Dragon. I played the crap out of Spyro back in the day on Play Station 1, so when I heard that they were going to be remastering the original trilogy I was stoked. I play on my Xbox One, which is so weird too me since Spyro was apart of OG Play Station. The cool thing about the remastering is that they didn't just bump it out so it could be played on the newer machines, but had the older looking graphics. Instead they completely cleaned up all the graphics so they actually look really good. They look pretty awesome and make it extra fun to play.

Playing this game brought back so many memories, as this was the game I started really getting into video games, before my parents put that on ice. This game felt really true to my memories, in that parts of it were still really hard! I still suck at gliding and Tree Tops level is the absolute worst! I was never able to get the last dragon there as a kid because the super charge jump you need to do is ridiculously hard. There were also parts of the game that I just didn't remember, but this game was just so fun to play. From the bright colors to the seamless graphics, if you loved this game as a kid, you will love the remastered version.

As a kid, I was able to beat the game, but I could never 100% it and get all the dragons or gems...until now because I totally got my boyfriend to help me get on that last ledge to find the last dragon. 😂 Look maybe it's cheating, but I prefer to call it "co-oping my game." I was very happy because I finally got to experience the hidden level and 120% this game! My childhood dreams have been met! The bonus level was super fun, so if you can suffer through getting everything, I recommend doing it.

The first game is real fun and if you played it as a kid you will definitely enjoy it again! I blew through the first game a little too quickly, but that just meant I was super enjoying my time doing it.

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Happy Reads Everyone!

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