Friday, January 4, 2019

Two new Adult novels coming from Meg Cabot in 2019!

A lot of my new readers might not know this, but I FREAKING love Meg Cabot. She is my favorite author, and I still count The Princess Diaries as what really got me into becoming a full on reader. When anyone asks me that evil question about what is my favorite book, I have to just say The Princess Diaries. Those are definitely the type of books I devoured when I was younger, and I want to incorporate them back into my reading again in 2019.

So today, I was scrolling Facebook and out of nowhere I see a post from Meg revealing about two new Adult novels and a link to a feature in Entertainment Weekly about them. Bridal Boot Camp is actually a novella, and it was be a digital first publication, which is something that has been fascinating me in publishing lately. That will come out first in May...but it's only $0.99 if you pre-order it through guess who already did that?? IT ME! No Judgements doesn't come out until September, so it's going to be a long wait, but I'm pretty excited about it.

I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED! Have I mentioned how much I love these covers?

I really do love Meg's adult novels, and I like that I have essentially grown up reading her books. Girl, can write a ton of books! I read the excerpt earlier, you can do it too through link above, here again. I'm pretty psyched for these new novels and I can't wait to read them!

It's not the only novels we are going to get from Meg this year, in the fall she is penning for DC Zoom a middle grade graphic novel about Black Canary. I'm definitely interested in that one too, but not as much as her adult novels. I think I will still love this, but I'm not that invested in the DC universe other than the TV shows.

Happy Reads Everyone!

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