Friday, January 18, 2019

One With The Force: Should Mara Jade Be Canon?

I haven't written a One With The Force post in a long time, and I want to start writing them again. When I started this feature, this is one of the topics I wanted to write about for awhile. I just never could get it together, because I have a lot of feelings about Mara Jade. I was inspired to finally write about this when one of my favorite instagrammers Outer Rim Reviews asked the question if she should become canon and if so how would we want her to appear (books, movies, TV shows?) So I finally want to talk about my wacky head canon theories.
Mara Jade is my favorite character, and whenever some one asks who my favorite Star Wars character is, I still name her as one even though at this point in time she only exists in the Legends timeline. I was pretty stoked back in December 2017 when my secret Santa gifted me a Topps card of her and Luke! It was so nice, and really unexpected.

I think what I liked about Mara was that she's kind of a sarcastic asshole, and when everyone else is fawning over the great Luke Skywalker she is calling him "Farmboy" and calling him on his bullshit. I think that's also why he fell in love with her, even though when they first met she said she was going to kill him. Their relationship in the Legends canon is really rocky at first, but it's one of my favorites. It's probably why I love the Hate to Love romance trope so much. Thanks, Timothy Zahn!

So the questions remains, should they make Mara Jade canon? I would love her to be canon, and here are some of my theories on how I would want her to become canon.

Smuggler Mara

I love Luke and Mara together, but for awhile they were just acquaintances, so if they make her canon I would be okay with them never having gotten together. When we first meet Mara she is a smuggler, and is so sure of herself and confident in her abilities. I love the idea that Mara just took over for Talon Karrde and she is still going around the galaxy being a smuggler and being pretty good at it. It would explain why she's not in the new trilogy. It also means I can head canon that she still exists, because there is nothing to say that there isn't a smuggler named Mara Jade in this new canon galaxy. 

I would also be okay if she didn't show up in the movies, but rather existed in the books. I would be okay if she showed up in one of the TV shows they play on doing, but not sure if that would really make sense. I like Mara existing in the books. I feel like her and Doctor Aphra meeting up would be great. They would either be pals or want to kill each other, and I would love to read that comic. 

I think it would be nice if she did cross path with Luke and Leia, and maybe they become friends in some way. Maybe Leia keeps her on retainer for The Resistance. I like the idea of her not really wanting to be involved, mostly because The Empire took everything from her. I feel like she would just go where the credits are, and that's kind of what I would want out of a Canon Mara. I like the idea of Mara still being alive and in the galaxy, kicking ass and taking names. 

Mara is Rey's Mother

Another theory I have is more of a crackpot theory that comes from the mystery of who Rey is. When we first met Rey in A Force Awakens, I couldn't help but see some similarities between Rey and Mara. Even though we know she is not a Skywalker, I really don't buy that her parents just sold her for drinking money. It seems too convenient, and also how does Kylo Ren find out this info? When we first met her, I felt like she was wearing Jedi Robes, and I also got this feeling that she was left on Jakku for her own protection. I like the idea that maybe Rey was training at the academy, but Mara sensed something in Kylo and took her away? 

It's definitely a stretch, and in this theory, I also think maybe Mara died and that's why Rey is still on Jakku. I feel like Mara would be the type of woman that would have a kid by herself, so that doesn't mean Rey would also have to be Luke's daughter. I mean, do we even know if things like IVF exist in the Star Wars galaxy? Or Mara just had a kid with someone else. I would be okay with it. I think it would fit in with the Mara as a smuggler theory. If Luke and her weren't as close, I don't think Luke would have necessarily known that Rey was her daughter when he meets her. This part of my theory is definitely a crackpot theory, and it's just me wanting Rey to be Mara's kid no matter what. 

What do you think? Should they keep Mara in Legends, or should they try to retrofit her into the new timeline?

Happy Reads Everyone!

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