Monday, January 7, 2019

#DeannaListens: Overdue Podcast

Deanna Listens is a monthly feature on the first Monday of every month...err sometimes when I remember to do it, I created to showcase some of my favorite podcasts. 

I took a break in December mostly because of laziness but also because the holidays is always a crazy time for me. I want to get back into regularly posting this feature in 2019. So here is my first one of year, talking about Overdue podcast.

I'm pretty sure that I found this podcast on a Book Riot posting about podcasts to listen to for readers. Overdue podcast is hosted by two friends Andrew and Craig and they talk about books that you have probably already read. The way it is works is that one of them reads the book, and tells the other pretty much a play by play of the book. Sometimes they both have read it, and they basically made the other one read it for the first time. They get a little silly at times and crack a lot of jokes, and some people seem to really NOT like about this podcast. I don't mind it, it's actually one of the reasons I like this podcast.

They focus a lot of popular books or books that you probably have to read for school or whatever. They do give you a spoiler warning at the top of the show. So if you haven't read the book they are covering on that particular episode, just be aware they are going to spoil everything. I have only been listening to the ones they do of books I've read or ones I know I'll never read.

Some favorite episodes I would recommend:

Andrew and Craig are also based on Philly, so I guess I also have some hometown pride for supporting them. 

Got a great podcast you love? Give me a recommendation in the comments. No serious, please help, I'm running out of podcasts to listen to
Happy Reads Everyone!

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