Thursday, November 1, 2018

#RRSciFiMonth: It's FINALLY Here! +Giveaway

IMAGE CREDIT: PHOTO by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.
It's the best time of year! My fellow Americans might be thinking I really like Thanksgiving, but no this post is to talk about my excitement about the next installment of #RRSciFiMonth! YAY!!

Scifi Month is a fun event on the blogosphere that I have participating in since I started this blog. It's also where I have found a ton of bloggers that I adore to this day.

So what do I have in store for you this year?

Hopefully lots of reviews, from books and comics, and maybe I will talk about some TV shows. I haven't quite started scheduling out my reviews yet, but I'm hoping to get more reading in so I have more reviews to post as well. I am also hoping to tailor my Deanna Listens & Deanna Plays features to be based around SciFi.


There's also a giveaway!

Like in previous years I like to have fun with this giveaway and do a "Guess The Scifi Book" giveaway. Before I get into that, let's get into the rules first.

  1. I will be sending via the Book Depository, if your country doesn't ship to TBD, I'm sorry but I cannot send you anything. 
  2. NO CHEATING! I check the entries on the rafflecopter, and if I see you are cheating I will delete all of your entires. I want this to be fair for everyone!
  3. I ask that there are no giveaway accounts
  4. HAVE FUN!
A couple addition notes, this giveaway will be open until the end of the month (closes at midnight on 12/1) and it will be for ANY BOOK you want from The Book Depository as long as it is under $30 US Dollars. 


  1. Young Princess in a galactic setting learns some tough things about her parents and makes some really bad mistakes
  2. Young girl sets out on her first training to guide a creature that is a companion to a luxury cruise ship. Also there are pirates?!?
  3. Chinese sci-fi story set against a cultural revolution political climate 
  4. Short story collection from a Casino Planet
  5. Second book in a scifi series where a ship AI gets put into a "kit body"
  6. Strapped for cash, woman takes odd jobs to get her chance to go to Mars
  7. Dual perspective of girls who become mechanically-enhanced soldiers
  8. Son of Mars becomes one of the Elite to take them down and destroy them
  9. Why were there pieces of giants buried in the earth? And how can humankind get them to work? A story told in interviews and transmissions
  10. Continuing Saga of a family of people from opposite sides of a war
I hope I didn't makes these TOO hard. Some of these are parts of series, so if you mention the series name I will accept those as well.

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Good Luck & May The Force be with you!

Happy Reads Everyone!