Monday, November 5, 2018

#RRSciFiMonth Deanna Listens: Sci-Fi Audiodramas I love

Deanna Listens is a monthly feature on the first Monday of every month...err sometimes when I remember to do it, I created to showcase some of my favorite podcasts. 

Since this month is #RRSciFiMonth I wanted to make my podcast feature specifically about scifi. I'm becoming a huge audiodrama fan when it comes to podcasts, so I'm calling out some great podcasts. Some of them I may have already talked about before, some of these I have legit only listened to one episode, but I like what I have heard thus far. 

Here it goes!

This is a podcast that has been on my radar for a long time, and I finally started listening to it recently. The production on this one is pretty good, and I like that it makes the recording realistic with parts getting cut off. The premise of this one is that Sally Grissom is a scientist working on an experiment and she accidentally time travels back to during World War II. I like that they bleep out the year she is actually from because it keeps you guessing. If you know anything about the Philadelphia Experiment, this one is definitely a must listen. 

This one might be a familiar podcast to returning readers. Steal the Star was a production from TOR Labs, and I only knew about because they emailed me about it. The voice acting on this was awesome. There is also an novelization which I read and reviewed an advanced copy of. It was actually written by one of the voice actors so that is pretty cool. The concept here is that they work at a secret military base to guard...something. It's all very top secret and hush-hush. I really can't tell you much more without spoiling it!

Liberty is a completely new podcast to me, but I think it was recommended by another podcast to listen to. I can't remember if it was Ars Paradoxica or Alba Salix. Both podcasts in their credits have been great for me finding new podcasts to listen to. Right now I'm listening to the Critical Research story arc, but apparently there are different stories after that which I'm excited to start getting into. In Critical Research Dr. Kovski goes from just some random theoretical scientist to a guy who has to embark on an expedition "outside". Kovski seems not very sure of himself, so I'm excited to really see his character development and what is going to happen to him. 

The improvised Star Trek is a fun one! I found this one because of Hello From The Magic Tavern. I honestly could not believe that Usidore is also Captain Baxter. This one is like the voyage of the dumbest crew in Star Fleet. It gets a little silly sometimes, but I enjoy it a lot.

The message is written by the same guy that did Steal The Stars. He seems to really get writing short form sci-fi, and I will listen to any audiodrama that he writes. This one is about a intern who is recording the findings as a team of cryptologists try to decipher an alien message that was discovered 70 years ago. This is a short one, so it's quick to get through. 

*As a note, I clearly don't own any of these images. I pulled these all from the logo used on itunes, etc as a way to promote these podcasts to my readers better.

Do you have any good scifi podcasts you could recommend?

Happy Reads Everyone!