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#RRSciFiMonth Audiobook Review: Mass Effect Andromeda Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough & K.C. Alexander

Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough & K.C. Alexander
Publishers: Blackstone Audio
Release Date: March 21st, 2017
Format: Audiobook narrated by Fryda Wolff

My Rating: 
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With a new game: Mass Effect Andromeda, set for release in 2017, the launch of a new series of Mass Effect novels is timely. The new game will take the story in a dramatic new direction and is set in a new region of space, with a new and deadly enemy.Titan is publishing four unmissable Mass Effect novels. The novels will act as prequel and sequels to the events in the games and will become part of the overarching Mass Effect saga. These new stories, developed in close collaboration with the Bioware game team, weave directly into the action of the new game--and will reveal events kept secret over the course of game play--and will add to the canonical Mass Effect saga.

I want to start this review by saying that I think this book is a very niche book. It's definitely made for fans of the video game, and for fans of Mass Effect Andromeda that wanted more background on what happens before the game really starts. That being said, I don't think if you haven't played the games before you will be completely lost, but there are definitely some keys things that are missing that other readers already know about. For one, this books does a really bad job of describing what all the species look like. I didn't even pick up on this because as a huge fan of this video game I knew what the Salarians, Krogans, Turians, etc all look like so I didn't need them to be described. I think if you picked up this book without this knowledge you would be a little lost. You also kind of miss the political stuff and you will probably be wondering,"What the actual F is the genophage?!?" So I do truly believe this is a book that is really for fans of this video games series.

This book is basically a prequel to the Andromeda game and it introduces a good chunk of the characters that you will meet in the game. I thought this was cool because I got to see some old favorites and see where some of them went wrong. I think it also filled in some gaps that the game never explained. It definitely made me understand Sloan Kelly a lot more. She is interesting to me because she believed so strongly in the Andromeda Initiative's goals. She wanted to break down the hierarchy between the species and she wanted everyone to be equal. But I also think she is an idiot for thinking that would actually happen. So it's not surprising when she becomes the bad guy, but in the book her shift seems so sudden, like she just flipped a switch inside herself. I kind of get her, and understand why she becomes the outlaw when you meet her in the game, but I feel like there needed to be a little more to her shift in opinion.

The narrator for this book actually does the voice of the female playable character in the game, Sara Ryder. So that was cool to me, but I actually had some struggles with Fryda Wolff's narration. At the start of the book I don't know if she was just getting warmed up but she sounded bored with the story. Was this just supposed to convey the character's deposition she was reading about? It just seemed like there wasn't that much emotion. Also, at times it was difficult to distinguish which character was speaking. Other than Sloane and Addison who have stylized-British sounding accents everyone else pretty much sounded the same. It definitely made it harder for me to focus on the story.

Overall, this book is fine, but at the end I felt like I didn't really need to know what happened on the Nexus before the opening of the game. That might just be me, though. If you played the game and what more backstory this one might be for you.

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