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#RRSciFiMonth Audiobook Review: A Closed and Common Orbit By Becky Chambers

A Closed and Common Orbit By Becky Chambers
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Release Date: January 25th, 2017
Format: Audiobook narrated by Rachel Dulude

My Rating: 
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Lovelace was once merely a ship's artificial intelligence. When she wakes up in an new body, following a total system shut-down and reboot, she has no memory of what came before. As Lovelace learns to negotiate the universe and discover who she is, she makes friends with Pepper, an excitable engineer, who's determined to help her learn and grow.

Together, Pepper and Lovey will discover that no matter how vast space is, two people can fill it together.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet introduced readers to the incredible world of Rosemary Harper, a young woman with a restless soul and secrets to keep. When she joined the crew of the Wayfarer, an intergalactic ship, she got more than she bargained for - and learned to live with, and love, her rag-tag collection of crewmates.

After so many of my other #RRSciFiMonth friends urged me about how great this book series is, last year I finally read the first book. So yes an entire year later I am coming back for more by FINALLY reading the second book in the wonderful Wayfarer series. What I like about this series is that I feel like you probably don't really need to read them in order. I think you get clued into more if you read the first book, but since this book focuses on Pepper and Lovelace and their current situation I think you could jump in here and figure out everything. I know the third book also focuses on different characters, and I kind of really like series like that because it allows you to enjoy something without being tied to a character you might not enjoy.
I adore this series a lot. The galaxy that Becky Chambers has built here is one that to me feels the most realistic in terms of a galactic civilization. It's got it's dumb rules and regulations that Pepper needs to break, but it also has a structure for how all the different species can live to together peacefully. It has been awhile since I read the last book, so I will admit I kind of forgot all the differences between the different species, so it was a joy to re-learn all about them. I particularly love that there is s species that is non-binary, they go from being referred to with her/she pronouns in one section, and then the next they use he/him, and even once using the they pronouns. I thought this was a really cool thing about this species, but I also think it helps to have representation and to have it be that this isn't anything out of the ordinary. None of the other characters blink an eye about it, which they shouldn't.

This book is a little bit different than the first one, since we don't get all the characters from the last one. The structure of the book itself is a dual perspective, one part is focusing on Pepper and Lovelace (now referred to as Sidra) and the other part is about a young girl named Jane who lives in a factory. I found Jane's perspective to be a little more interesting because it's about her self-discovery and realizing there is more to the factory that she had never questioned before. The two perspectives do merge at one point in a way, and I have to admit that it didn't take me long to figure out how. Like I figured it a little too quickly, so some of the book was a little predictable.

One little tiff I have with this book is that it felt like there weren't as many species present. This book seemed to focus more on the humans, but in the last books we got a lot of characters of different species. There are some non-human side characters in this one, but I would have wanted a little bit more out of a book in a galactic setting like this.

Rachel Dulude returns as the narrator for the second book in this series, and I do enjoy her as the person telling me this story. She does a great 180 between different character voices, that I feel like the GC comes alive for me because of her. I am hoping to do the third book on audio like I did for books one and two, and I hope she also returns for the third one. I don't think I would like it if another narrator took over. 

All in all, I enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as the first book. I can't wait to get to the third book and see how it compares. 

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