Saturday, October 6, 2018

One With the Force: Master & Apprentice Cover Reveal!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you I have another One With The Force post coming at you! Just wanted to pop in real quick to talk about some Star Wars Book news that was revealed during a panel at NYCC yesterday. Some more great #StarWarsReads month news!

First, the news that made me all like:


They revealed the artwork for Claudia Gray's upcoming novel Master & Apprentice. It looks so good, and I am very excited about this book. I definitely am going to be pre-ordering that book, just need to figure out if I'm moving before it comes out. Or I'm just going to use my parents address! Because I want all of Gray's Star Wars books to do amazing.


Gray is probably my favorite of the new canon authors. She really gets how to write Leia, so I am really interested to see her take on Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan. I'm also interested in more about Qui-Gon, I have some head canon theories about him and I wish he never died! 

There was also a ton of other news that came out of the panel, Bria LaVorgna has a really great wrap up about it up on 

Another cool publishing news that came out is Alexander Freed is coming back to the Star Wars writing fold with a book called Alphabet Squadron.

I know A LOT of people have expressed not liking the name, but the whole premise is that it's a squadron of different class of starfighters. I kinda of dig it, and like the idea about it. I also really like the minimalistic cover, even though this isn't the final art. I imagine we will get something bigger down the line. It definitely makes me want to revisit the old X-Wing series, as I have still never gotten around to those. 

Are you excited for any of these new books coming out? 

Happy Reads Everyone!