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Audiobook Review: The Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski

The Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski
Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Release Date: November 13th, 2018
Format: Audiobook narrated by Peter Kenny
Source: Audible
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The witcher returns in this sequel to Blood of Elves, in the series that inspired The Witcher video games.

Geralt is a witcher—guardian of the innocent, protector of those in need, and in dark times a defender against some of the most frightening creatures of myth and legend. His task now is to protect Ciri. A child of prophecy, she will have the power to change the world for good or for ill—but only if she lives to use it.

A coup threatens the wizard's guild, war breaks out across the lands, a serious injury leaves Geralt fighting for his life ... and Ciri, in whose hands the world's fate rests, has vanished.
I am a huge fan of The Witcher video games, one day I will actually finish The Wild Hunt, so when I found out they were based on a polish fantasy series, I HAD to start reading them. The Time of Contempt is the second book in the series, if you are not counting the two short story collections that come before it. I do, because I feel like those collections give you a lot of needed background on these characters. I don't think they are entirely necessary, but to me they were.

I was kind of hesitant on doing this book on audio because I had gotten really used to the voiceover actor in the games, that I wasn't sure if I could accept anyone else being Geralt. Peter Kenny proved me wrong with his talented range of voices. He does so many voices in this book! And I didn't hate the voices he did for women, either, which is definitely a challenge I have with male narrators. The only bone I have to pick with him is Dandelion. How do you pronounce his name? In the game it's pronounced how you think, like the plant, but in the audiobook he pronounces it like "Dan-Dill-Le-on." It annoyed me so much! So much that I looked it up to figure it out. It turns out the audiobooks were recorded before the games so there was no concrete pronunciation yet. Also the character's name was changed in the English translation for seemingly no apparent reason. So really, no fault to Kenny's narration but something to be aware of if you listen to this on audio.

I liked this book because we get to see more of Yennefer and her relationship with Ciri. I love Ciri, and I think I identify with her a lot. She doesn't want to be contained, and just wants to do her own thing. I am all about that; however, Ciri is also very young and doesn't quite understand the dangers she is in. I so get why she feels like Yennefer is abandoning her, but really I think Yennefer is just trying to do the best for Ciri. Her love for the girl is palpable, and it does make me understand and like her a little bit more. I still have my issues with her, especially considering her and Geralt's toxic relationship.

So I know that Yennefer and Geralt are supposed to be the be end all relationship is this series, but I honestly think they are better off apart! Their relationship is forever complicated, and a little bit toxic. Yennefer is so mean to him! I just don't understand it!

The story is also a lot about political intrigue and espionage, so if that is something you like in a book I recommend this one. I love that Geralt is kinda of an apolitical person that is just in it to kill monsters and get coin, but he always ends up a part of these things. It makes me laugh, because he definitely never wants a part in it and then ends up having to play a huge part in it!

The world building in this series is one-of-a-kind and it has me completely entranced. It's got everything a good fantasy book needs : monsters, mercenaries, magic, elves & political backstabbing. If you haven't picked up this series yet, I highly recommend it! Especially if you are a fan of the games.

Have you read these books or played the video game? What do you think?

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