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ARC Review: Kate's Really Good at Hockey By Christina Frey & Howard Shapiro

Kate's Really Good at Hockey by Christina Frey & Howard Shapiro
Publisher: Animal Media Group
Release Date: November 13th, 2018
Format: egalley
Source: netgalley*
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Best. Summer. Ever. At least it was supposed to be.

Kate can't wait to attend the elite girls' hockey camp in Denver and go up against some of the best players from around the world. But then Mom says Kate has to stay with her grandma in Denver, who doesn't care about Kate's hockey dreams at all. And two players at the camp have it in for Kate both on and off the ice. Toss in a tough-as-nails coach and a huge family secret, and Kate's perfect summer isn’t turning out quite like she planned.

Kate's Really Good at Hockey is a story about family, friendship, and doing what it takes to follow your dreams.
If you didn't know before reading this, I am a huge hockey fan. Before I came into the book blogging community I had been a hockey blogger for a few years and was even looking into a career in sports journalism, but it just wasn't for me so I pivoted my career path. That being said, I still really love the sport of hockey, so whenever I can come across a new book about my favorite sport I jump on it.

This is actually my third graphic novel from Animal Media Group I've read that has been about hockey. There is even a mention of the character from one of the other ones, which I thought was a nice call back. I like that Kate's world is also in the same universe as The Hockey Saint Hockey Karma.  What drew me into about Kate's book the most is it's about girls in hockey and that is a thing I'm really interested in. I think with more interest in women's hockey, this is a great story for young girls that play the sport or for those just starting to get interested in it.

This graphic novel is really heavy on it being mostly about hockey since it's Kate telling the story of how her hockey camp went during the summer. I found all the stuff about the camp super interesting, and I honestly wanted to know more about the coaches. As two female coaches of the sport, I bet they have interesting stories. You come to find that the book isn't JUST about the sport as there is some family stuff going on. I found this to be a little too obvious, but I did absolutely love that Kate and her grandmother finally get to bond. It was really awesome to hear about her Grandmother's past in this story too.

The colors in this graphic novel were so vibrant! They were really saturated at points, but I just found them so much fun to look at. I think it really set the mood for this graphic novel. I really enjoyed the art in this one, it's not too complicated but awesome to look at as you go through the book. Animal Media Group is definitely a publisher of graphic novels that I really enjoy. Especially if they continue to give me interesting stories about my favorite sport.

The age for this seems a little younger, either middle grade or younger YA, so I think if you are looking for something for a younger audience this would be a good place to start. Also, if you have a young girl interested in the sport, this is a perfect book for them to read. I thought it was such a cute story!

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