Thursday, May 10, 2018

Wyrd and Wonder: Why I Like Fantasy

For my first discussion post for Wyrd and Wonder, I want to talk about the most obvious thing -- why I like fantasy! I'm also not just talking about books, but with TV/movies, video games, etc.

I actually found answering this question to be a bit hard. I don't feel like I had a really clear answer like I do with why I like Sci-fi. So why do I like fantasy so much?

I think part of it is that being a scifi fan it's almost a natural progression to also be into fantasy. The two genres are constantly lumped together that it's kind of hard to just like one over the other. Although, I do think if someone made me I could pick one over the other. I think it's really rare to find readers that strictly read fantasy or strictly read scifi. The genres intermingle so much, that's it's almost unavoidable. It's definitely a genre that I want to dedicate myself to more, because I definitely want to start reading less YA fantasy and more traditional High Fantasy.

I think another reason why I like it so much is why a lot of readers my age like fantasy. Because of the Chronicles of Narnia. I spent a lot of time in my youth reading the Narnia books. I'm actually trying to re-read them, and maybe I can do some re-read reviews of the whole series this month. Fingers crossed if I can get to it in time. I have a lot of nostalgia love for them, and I do think it definitely opening up the fantasy genre to me.

I also would say that because I love Star Wars so much that might also be why I'm into both fantasy and scifi. A lot of fans actually argue that Star Wars is really a fantasy story just set against a Space Opera background. I think that's a really fair point. I think the series straddles both genres in different ways, and I do think it might be why I love both genres so much.

Why do you like fantasy so much? Is there one book or movie that made you love the genre?

Happy Reads Everyone!