Friday, May 11, 2018

Wyrd and Wonder: My Favorite Fantasy Podcast

Since I'm behind on the blog, I totally missed doing a post for my podcast feature Deanna Listens this month. (It's normally the first Monday of the month). So instead, I wanted to talk about my current podcast obsession, Hello From The Magic Tavern. Another reason why I am talking about this outside of my podcast feature is because I definitely already featured them for Deanna Listens. It was very early on when I first started the feature, but I recently got back into listening to this podcast and I  am OBSESSED.

So what is hello from the magic tavern, and how does it relate to Wyrd and Wonder? HFTMT is a improv comedy podcast that is about this guy from Chicago named Arnie Niekamp who fell through a magic portal behind a Burger King and landed into the magical, fantastical land of Foon. He had his podcast equipment with him, so now he spends his days in the tavern doing a podcast with Chunt, a shapeshifter who is mostly a badger, and Usidore The Blue, a wizard that has like six thousand names and has to yell them a the top of his lungs during his introduction on every episode. It's honestly my favorite part of the podcast! Foon is kind of like Narnia or Middle Earth, it's got all sorts of creatures and there is a Dark Lord that is trying to take over everything. It's hilarious and so very inappropriate, which is probably why I love it so much.

What this podcast does differently which I love is that instead of traditional credits at the end there is a mysterious man that tells the listener everything you just listened to is not real and there are definitely not multiple dimensions. I think it makes it pretty entertaining and actually makes me listen to the episode all the way through.

I haven't listened to this podcast in awhile, but I recently started going through the backlog and just listening to nothing but this. This podcast keeps me entertained all the time. I listen to it a lot at home just doing the dishes or while I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get ready for bed. His facial expressions when he hears some of the stuff can only be described as "what in the actual fuck..." That only makes me laugh more.

If you like inappropriate comedy and you like fantasy I would recommend listening to this podcast. It definitely takes the fantasy genre and spins it on it's head.

Happy Reads Everyone!