Friday, May 25, 2018

Wyrd and Wonder: Is The Magicians (TV Show) Even Any Good?

I talked earlier this month about fantasy tv shows I am loving, but I want to bring it back to The Magicians. I gave up on the books, Quentin was so damn insufferable and I was really pissed about Julia's arc, but I still wanted to try the show. 

I think I like the show much better. I don't think Quentin is has insufferable, granted he is still a problematic and flawed character but the actor who plays him just makes me want to like him. I also like that they hired a POC to play Penny! I love Penny in the show. He's bitter and closed off, and he calls Q on all his shit. I really like how his arc is in the show, and I also love his weird relationship with Kady. Kady is character that doesn't exist in the books, but I really like her as an addition to this story. Her rocky friendship with Julia is one I find really interesting. The two of them kind of need each to ground each other. 

I think my favorite part about the book is Eliot. I think the actor who plays him in the show is perfect, and he really gets who Eliot is at his core. In the book Eliot seems like he is this really vapid character with not that much depth, but I think in the show they flesh out his character a little better. He seems more nuanced and more of a three-dimensional character that wants to not care about anything but he really does deep down. 

So the question is, is this show even good? I don't know, I'm asking you!! I am finding myself really enjoying it. I blasted through the first two seasons and I really want to start watching the third season, but it's not on Netflix yet. 

What do you think?

Happy Reads Everyone!