Monday, May 21, 2018

Wyrd and Wonder: Audio Dramas perfect for the fantasy reader

You guys think I'm going to stop talking about all the 583948590894 podcasts I listen to?!?


I'm starting to get more into Audio Dramas, which I think makes sense for most people that are readers. So for Wyrd and Wonder, I wanted to specifically find some good podcasts set in fantasy worlds. I already talked about Hello From The Magic Tavern (Which I still highly recommend) but I found three others that I think are perfect for any fantasy lover out there.

I found this one, by literally typing "fantasy" into the itunes store, and here we are. I tried to explain this one to my boyfriend, and he said, "How is this any different than that other one you listen all the time." "Um...this one is more serious, I think, and has less butthole jokes?" So this one is about three teenagers from Pennsylvania (HEY! I live there!) that fall into a new world...somehow when they are sitting in detention. What I like about this one is that it really plays with your stereotypes of fantasy lore. The Elf the teens meet in the first episode has a American Southern accent, which I love! Because a lot of time in fantasy Elves always seem to have a posh British accent. There's another character you meet later in the story has a kind of New England (Ie. Boston) accent. I find that so interesting, because it challenges what we as fantasy lovers think when we think about worlds where magic and elves exist.

Alba Salix is another audio drama I've recently discovered which is about the Royal Physician in a fictional kingdom were there are all sorts of magical creatures. Alba reluctantly takes the help of a fairy and monk-in-training to help her treat all the patients in the kingdom. I like that this one seems to start head on in the action without giving you much time for an introduction. Alba is called a witch a few times in this podcast, but based on how she knows her way around a herb, she seems more like a smart woman ahead of her time. I definitely will continue with this one. 

If you've listened to Ars Paradoxica (I haven't...yet) this is written and performed by one of the writers. In the Far Meridian we are introduced to Peri, an agoraphobic woman whose home is in a different place each day. This is a great magical realism podcast, and I feel like I can really relate to Peri's mental health struggles. I suffer from some anxiety and it feels like lately it is starting to get worse and worse. Peri struggling to have to leave her house to figure out where she is and what is going on was something I could really relate to. I've only listened to the first couple of episodes of this one, but I am definitely intrigued.  

Have you listened to any good fantasy audio dramas? Do you have any recommendations?

Happy Reads Everyone!