Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Wrap Up!

Okay, but like...how is it March already?? Where does the time go?

So another month is behind me, and it's another month that I feel like I didn't get that much reading done. I have already pulled back a little from posting on the blog this month, to the point that I already missed my Deanna Listens posting! Ahh, bad blogger! There is a reason for that though. I have expressed before that I want to get back into my writing, because I still really want to be a writer. But since I work full time that can be difficult, so I find I was spending a lot of time after dinner trying to get some writing done, which means ZERO time for blogging. I'm not quitting the blog, I just might be visibly absent for awhile.


For Deanna Listens in February I talked about a fun little podcast I love called Fauxthentic History . It's a podcast that talks about the lore in a lot of pop culture and the episodes are pretty short. 


For Deanna Plays this month I talked about how much I love the games that TellTale makes. They are super fun interactive story games that I think any level of gamer can play. 


For the first time in a long time I posted a Bookish Thoughts post, and I pondered why I just can't DNF books. No seriously, I have a problem!


What books did you read and review in February? 

Happy Reads Everyone!