Friday, January 26, 2018

One With The Force: The Assassination of Padmé Amidala

In this installment of One With The Force I want to talk about the prequel character Padmé Naberrie Amidala and how I totally think her character was essentially assassinated by her creator. 

I'm not a huge fan of the Prequels, but they are the reason that I got into Star Wars and discovered the original trilogy. So I have a lot of love for them being a means to introduce this world to new fans. 

One character that I LOVED in the prequels was Padmé. Knowing that she was supposed to be the mother of Luke & Leia made her super interesting to me. I liked that rather than traditional fighting she fought with her wit and really tried to be as diplomatic as possible. I think a lot of fans see Leia as Padmé, but I disagree. Her love for people, and the ability to see that evil could be turned back to good makes her seem much more like Luke. Not to say that Leia is not compassionate, but I think she is fueled by her anger much like Anakin was.

Padmé in the first episode is awesome! She is a young queen that just hides in secret and does what she has to do to protect her people. I loved that about her! However, as we see her get older and see her relationship with Anakin develop, I have to wonder how bad her taste in men were! In the movies her love story with Anakin just feels really wooden. I think it's a way to show that although she is a powerful woman that has a lot of sway in the senate, when it comes to love she doesn't know what she is doing. I kinda like that about her, but it also made me want to shake her and yell, "Girl, run!" Honestly, in retrospect I wonder if their relationship was abusive in some way. There were a few episodes of the Clone Wars that I really DID NOT like the way he talked to her. Also, in Revenge of the Sith all she does is sit around and be pregnant. The way Anakin lashes out at her in this movie really bothered me too. 

That's where I think her character got assassinated. In the first two movies we see a cool female character that is getting shit done, and then in the next one she is just sad and pregnant?!? I think we get a little bit more depth of Padmé in the Clone Wars cartoon, but going from that to her just being "furniture" in the last movie was so jarring. There were supposed to be some scenes with her meeting with Bail Organa & Mon Mothma as they start the fledging Rebel Alliance, but they were cut because George Lucas wanted this movie to be about Anakin's journey. I'm pretty much paraphrasing Lucas himself here. If you watch these deleted scenes with the commentary on, that's basically what he says about why these scenes were cut. That makes me so mad, because it just feels like Padmé gets written off as a character that is just there to move the plot further.

One thing I do want to rage about a little bit is Padmé's death. So before Revenge of The Sith came out, and we already knew that she was the SkyMom, I had a theory. In Return of The Jedi, when Luke asks Leia if she remembers her real mother, she says yes that she does and that she was very sad. I thought that they split up the twins, Luke went to his Uncle and Leia went to Alderaan, but I thought Padmé went with Leia. There was clearly a friendship between Bail and Padmé so I thought maybe he took her to his home planet to go into hiding. I know some other fans, not knowing at the time that Bail had a wife who was the royal heir to Alderaan, thought maybe they got married and just brought Leia up as Bail's own. I'm okay with that theory too, but I don't think if Padmé had lived that she would have remarried so soon. So when she dies, I thought, "Wait a minute, doesn't Leia remember her, how could she die? That is a major plot hole!" I know some fans try to say that maybe this shows that Leia has the force, but honestly I think it was just bad writing. 

I also really dislike her death, because it's not that she dies in childbirth, but she just dies because she has "lost the will to live." Lost the will to live, are you serious? I HATED that reasoning. I have heard some fans say that she just went insane, but I still don't buy that. One theory that I've heard and I believe is that Anakin killed her. When she goes to confront him on Mustafar and he force chokes her,Anakin doesn't really know how to control his powers and steals her life force when he force chokes her. He was an extremely powerful Jedi, and as a new Sith he was just started to experience with his dark side powers, so it's possible he didn't really know what he was doing yet. Now that is a theory that I think makes absolute sense, and I wish this was something that was confirmed in the movie. I do think that Palpatine told Anakin he killed her, and that's why he doesn't turn away from the dark side until Luke comes into the picture. 

I think Padmé deserved so much better than what she got. She deserved a better death than what we see in the prequels, and I'm STILL made about it. 

What do you think about Padmé's death. Are you okay with how her death is shown in the movies, or do you think the theory that Anakin killed her accidentally is a better one? How do you feel about her character development?

Happy Reads Everyone!