Thursday, December 28, 2017

One With The Force: The Last Jedi Was Fine (No Spoilers)

I saw The Last Jedi on opening weekend, and since then I have seen just how divisive this film has been. Especially with a lot of people hailing it, "The worse Star Wars movie they have ever seen." I don't agree with that statement. After viewing this movie I still think Attack of the Clones is the worst of the movies, but that is just MY opinion. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and just because you didn't like TLJ and you don't like the new films, doesn't mean I am trying to say, "No, your opinion is wrong." A lot of the criticism I've seen of the movie are valid and I understand why other fans might not like it. Personally I thought the movie was fine. I do admit that I still think I love the original trilogy more than the new stuff we are seeing, but I don't think TLJ is terrible.

By no means do I think this movie was a perfect one. I mean, has any Star Wars movie been perfect? I don't think so. There were things that I really didn't like about it, but there were also things I did love and made me interested to see where the new canon is taking us. I loved Rey and Kylo Ren's storyline in this movie and I am really interested to see where Kylo Ren's story is going now. I really disliked Poe in this movie, and they could have really done without the Canto Bight scenes. I think in the grand scheme I came out of the theatre happy to have seen another star wars movie and I enjoyed myself so that was good enough for me.

Without getting into spoiler content, I think a reason why a lot of fans just don't like this new direction is because all their theories were dashed down. Some of the reveals didn't go how I thought they would and I was a little disappointed in that, but I understand why they are going in the direction they are. I understand that a lot people don't like Luke's character in this one, and even Mark Hamill was unsure at one point, but to me it makes sense. I mean, I am not happy about it, but I've accepted it.

I enjoyed this movie, and I'll be excited to go see the next episode, maybe JJ Abrams will adjust things to fix some of the issues we saw in this movie. I will be a Star Wars fan until I die, so I am excited for change and to see where this franchise goes in the future.

So what did you think? If you didn't like it, what about the movie made you dislike it? Is it enough for you not to be interested in the next installment. If you liked the movie, what made you come to that conclusion? Do you think fans just had too high expectations for certain things and were just mad when they didn't go how they thought?

Happy Reads Everyone!