Saturday, December 2, 2017

November Wrap Up

Ahhh! How is it already December??? November is always a busy time on my blog because I participate in #RRSciFiMonth so I try to write a lot of content. This year was no different, and it was the most posts I have written in a single month since July. It's always a fun time, and I enjoy connecting with my fellow scifi lovers and discovering new blogging friends. 

There have been some changes on the blog this month. For one you might have noticed that my design has changed. Very slightly, but I changed some things out because I wanted a cleaner look. I also bought some artwork off of Esty so I could make some nicer graphics. Notice the new header and the new graphic I created for the my monthly wrap up. Expect to see more of these new graphics when I start rolling out more of my features for December. 

I go on vacation during the holidays and I don't take my computer, so I tend to be really hit or miss during December. So if you are missing me on the blog, I'll still be on social media, just reading up during the holidays! 


For Deanna Listens this month I talked about Steal The Stars! Which is an awesome radio drama which I loved. There is also a novelization which I also wrote a review for, a link for that is below. 


I actually remembered to write something for Deanna Plays this month! I also just created a new graphic, which I'm debuting in this wrap up post. I wanted Deanna Plays to relate to Sci-Fi Month so I wrote about why Star Wars Battlefront is just not a game for me. 


For Sci-Fi Month I also ran a giveway that was a guess the sci-fi book and/or tv series/movie. It was a fun time, and I have to say everyone that gave answers got them correct. I think I made it too easy this year! A winner has already been chosen and they have been informed, but I wanted to give the answers for anyone that is curious.

  1. Young woman lives on the moon and is offered an opportunity for a heist to get herself out of debt
    Artemis by Andy Weir
  2. Teen girl participates in an "Alien Exchange Program" and finds herself losing all her friends in the process, while falling in love with the Alien in question
    Alienated by Melissa Landers
  3. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a former sith lady now bounty hunter falls in love with a sarcastic little shit of a jedi
    Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden
  4. A diverse group of humans and aliens live on a patched up ship and travel the galaxy, when they are given an opportunity to create a new hyperspace tunnel things get more interesting
    The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet By Becky Chambers
  5. Novelization of awesome podcast about a secret base that hides the most typical looking alien you can think of. But is it dead or alive?
    Steal the Stars by Nat Cassidy
  1. Cop from the future gets transported to the past due to a terrorist plot and has to learn how to be a cop without all her tech and live in a past she doesn't understand
  2. American Astronaut gets lost in a wormhole and lands in a new galaxy that he just will never understand, and ends up on board a living ship
  3. A young man desperate for an exciting life off his desert planet goes on a mission to save a Princess with his crazy hermit neighbor, an outlaw and a walking carpet
    Star Wars: A New Hope (I accepted just Star Wars or just A New hope for this one)
  4. A diverse team travels aboard their ship in space to explore the final frontier and seek out new life and civilizations. In the quest to boldly go where no man has gone before.
    Star Trek (this was vague one on the Trek franchise in general, so you didn't need to be specific)
  5. Tough South London teens are terrorized by savage alien creatures. It's up to them to protect their block from this insane attack.
    Attack The Block

I'm kind of sad the event is over, but I had such a fun time AGAIN doing Sci-Fi November! 

What books did you read this month?

Happy Reads Everyone!