Monday, September 4, 2017

Deanna Listens: Get Booked

Deanna Listens is a monthly feature on the first Monday of every month I created to showcase some of my favorite podcasts. This month I am talking about another Book Riot podcast, this time I'm featuring the Get Booked podcast!

Okay, I have to admit that I wasn't 100% sure if this podcast was going to be for me, because I honestly DO NOT need to add anymore books in my TBR. I already have a list of 300+ books going but...then I started listening to this one...and now I have new books to add to my TBR. It is so very bad, but so good at the same time. ALL THE BOOKS!!!

So, if you ARE looking for recommendations I highly recommend this podcast. Even if you aren't there a lot of books I've heard from this podcast that I don't necessarily think I would have sought out myself. 

You might be wondering, but how is this a podcast about Personalized Book Recommendations?!? Well the hosts Amanda & Jenn choose from written in requests from Book Riot Readers, and they read those requests aloud and then give recommendations in the podcast. If you are not sure WHAT you are looking for, this is a good way to find some hidden gems. If you are interested in getting recommendations from these two, you can fill out their google doc on their current episode page. 

Through this podcast I have discovered books I never would have thought to look for. A lot of times when I listen to this podcast someone else is looking for something very specific, and Amanda or Jenn describe a book that sounds amazing that I've never heard of. So of course I have to write it down and look it up later, and usually add it to my TBR shelf on GoodReads. It's so bad, because I seriously do not need more books on my TBR, but I also love it because I get to hear about books that are new to me.

I also really like that the episodes are all titled something quirky, a few of my recent faves are:

I listen to these on itunes, but if you miss a book they talk about, I highly recommend going to the page on Book Riot's website. There's a page for each episode and all the books they mention are listed there! 

I like this podcast a lot, and if you are in the market for some new books, definitely check this one out. 

Got a great podcast you love? Give me a recommendation in the comments. No serious, please help, I'm running out of podcasts to listen to!

Happy Reads Everyone!