Friday, July 14, 2017

The "Who I Am" Tag

I saw Destiny from Howling Libraries post this tag, and I thought it would be a lot of fun!

What is the meaning behind my name:

According to it is probably a variant of Diana or a feminine Dean. WHAT?? No, it means I'm named after Deanna Troi! I'm not kidding. But I've also heard it means Divine, which brings in the Diana variation again as in the Roman Goddesses. 

My blog name is pretty self explanatory. My name is Deanna and I read books! Every time my boyfriend sees me working on my blog he always yells, "DEANNA READS BOOOKS!!!"

Can I admit something? This is actually my first time taking the Myer-Briggs personality quiz, like ever! So apparently I am the INFJ, or the Advocate. Which, I thought was pretty weird because I don't know if I see myself as an advocate, but I have to admit in my working life I am pretty diplomatic when dealing with clients. I had two coworkers tell me I'm too nice. Egos can be a big deal and when you have "junior" in your title you try to come off as professionally as possible, at least I do. So maybe I am a diplomat. I thought it was funny in this quiz that it gives you a list of other people that fall into this, and Jon Snow from Games of Thrones was on there!

What is my Zodiac Sign?

I am a gemini, for sure. I know there are supposed to be different zodiac signs now and I'm supposed to be Taurus now, but I REFUSE to believe that. I actually did a term paper on zodiac signs and personalities when I was in college. 

What is my Hogwarts House?

So according to Pottermore, I am a Ravenclaw. I actually took the Pottermore quiz twice (I lost my password and had to re-sign up when they redesigned the site) and I got Ravenclaw both times. Although, I do think I was trying to get Ravenclaw the first time around, but the second time I answered honestly! I actually love taking every quiz about this because I'm fascinated by how different quiz show such varied results. I've been also getting Hufflepuff a few times, so sometimes I think maybe I'm just Huffleclaw? I mean I am a particularly good finder. Plus, I think I would end up sleeping in the library because I couldn't figure out the riddle to get in Ravenclaw's common room!

What are my learning styles?

Visual 3
Aural 4
Read/Write 5
Kinesthetic 4

I've never actually had this tested before, and I always thought I was a visual learner but apparently I am a Multimodal learner. Basically I need things explained in several different mediums in order to learn it effectively. 

Am I Right or Left Brain Dominant?

I was actually surprised to find out that I am 80% right brain dominant, which is the side that dominates logic and reason. Also rules, I'm really good at sticking to rules so I guess this was accurate.

What is my blood type?

Um...this is bad but I don't actually know! I've asked my parents before too and they have no idea. I never give blood so I guess I could find out then, but I haven't had blood work done in awhile. 

What career am I meant to have?

Which Divergent faction do you belong to?

You deviate from the norm. The aptitude test is inconclusive. It cannot determine just one faction for you, Divergent. Your mind is ceaselessly changing. You’re creative, with a strong sense of self, and you have a clear picture of who you are and what you want. You stand out from the crowd. You may pose a threat to the norms of society, but you are unwilling to give into them.

So, I totally thought I was going to get Dauntless for this, but I actually ended up getting Divergent! 

What does my birth order say about me?

The Baby

Why it’s true: Parents are less cautious. (Hey, the older ones ate the dog’s food and lived!) And they also probably have more resources than they did when starting out. “Parents are more lenient, so youngest kids tend to be less rules-oriented, and yet they still get lots of attention,” says Salmon.
When it’s not: “Some babies resent not being taken seriously,” says Linda Campbell, a professor of counseling and human development at the University of Georgia, in Athens. “They might become very responsible, like the oldest, or social, like the middle.”

Stereotype: Free spirit, risk taker, charming.
This tag was a lot of fun, definitely different from just doing a normal bookish tag. I tag anyone that feels compelled to do this!!

Happy Reads Everyone!