Friday, July 28, 2017

July Wrap-Up + Blog Updates

I can't believe it, but it's almost August, already! I'm trying to get this post out now because I have a work conference next week and will have zero free time until next Friday afternoon. So I might be MIA for a little while I catch up on reviews and reading. 

So I decided this month to change up how these posts are written. Rather than just tell you guys what I read this month, I've also going to break it down with links to all my reviews. I still want to talk about the other media I've consumed, but I also want to start featuring posts from other bloggers around the blogosphere. Mostly, because I want to support all the new bloggers I have been connecting with lately. So it's going to be a little different this month, but I hope this format works out better and makes these post more interesting to my readers.


So, a couple things I wanted to address about the blog. First, if you have been following my blog by email and are a subscriber, you might not be anymore 😟   Another blogger on twitter alerted me that my subscriptions weren't turned on, and then when I went to check it out it looks like my feed wasn't actually a real feed link. There was literally no way to fix it other than deleting and reinstalling. WHICH SUCKS! Because now I've lost all my followers. 😭  It should be working now, so if you are interested in following my blog through email (I would love it!) you'll have to do it again in the box on my right rail. 

Another awesome thing I found out about my blog (*sarcasm font*) was that the "follow" button specific to Blogger was just not on my right rail AT ALL!! It must have been at one point, and then I accidentally deleted it and NEVER NOTICED IT WAS GONE! So it makes it look like I have 4 followers on this stupid blog, even though I have 90 on Bloglovin (Thank you everyone that still uses bloglovin!!!). These are minor setbacks, so I'm over them and I don't want to be bothered about them anymore. I just wanted my readers to be aware of it. 

I also just want to point out that I wrote the most posts on the blog this month since 2015!! Maybe I am finally getting back into blogging! That makes me pretty excited, and I hope I can continue to provide interesting content on this blog for years to come.

This month I reviewed a total of 10 books! I also participated in a couple book tags, which I love and wrote two new posts under my Bookish Thoughts Feature. For Deanna Listens this month, I featured my faves Audio Shelf!




These are just a handful of great posts I saw around the book blogging community this month, and I would love to get some other recommendations! I'm going to try to feature different bloggers (If I can) each month so that I can support more bloggers, especially all those newbies out there that are just starting out. 

Do you like this new format? Do you have any suggestions on how to make these wrap-up posts more interesting? What book did you read this month?

Happy Reads Everyone!