Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bookish Thoughts: Why Do You Choose Audiobooks?

So last month I introduced a new feature to my blog that I am calling Bookish Thoughts and then I never wrote anything under the feature! So today, I finally have a topic for you all. Last month was audio month so I've been thinking a lot about audiobooks, how I use them and more importantly what makes me what to listen to a certain book over consuming it in a traditional manner. 

So why audiobooks?

I'm not the interested in the book

So one way that I get out of my comfort zone with reading is choosing to listen to audiobooks that I wouldn't necessarily pickup otherwise. Sometimes I'll listen to the audiobook version of books that are super hyped that I'm not sure I would like. A lot of times this has actually changed my opinion about some books that I just wasn't that interested in. For instance when An Ember in the Ashes first came out I have to admit I just wasn't that interested in it when I read the summary. I know a lot of people love it, and I want to support the author since she is a woman of color, but it just didn't interest me. Well, I was wrong! I'm currently listening to the audiobook version, and I loved it! The dual narrators also did the narration for The Scorpio Races, which I really liked on audio, so I think that definitely helped make its case. 


I always feel guilty about rereading books when I have SO many books to actually read. So doing books on audio that I have read before always makes me feel less guilty! I did it with The Mediator series before the new book came out, and I'm currently doing it with The Harry Potter series. Jim Dale's narration gives me so much joy. I'm trying to see if I can get the audio for A Game of Thrones, because I forget what happens in those books already. I just need the next one!!

My library has it on overdrive

Sometimes my reason for choosing to do a book on audio, is just simply that my library catalogue has it on the overdrive app. Sometimes it's just a simple, I felt like doing the audio instead. I have even put audios on my wish list just because they have it, even though I know I have a physical copy on my bookshelf. 😆

Do you do audiobooks? Do you have particular reasons for why you choose certain books to listen to? Has an audiobook ever changed you mind about a book you didn't like?

Happy Reads Everyone!