Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bookish Thoughts: When Do You Find Time To Read?

Today on Bookish Thoughts, I want to talk about how you find time to read books. No, seriously, when do all of you other book bloggers find the time to read??

I have a full time job, so it's sometimes hard to find the time to actually read all the books that I keep on buying. It's also hard when you are trying to create content to be on your book blog when you haven't read any books on your TBR list and you don't have any reviews ready to be posted. It's a freaking conundrum. So props to all the other book bloggers out there that can read 20 books in a week, you da real MVP!

Before I became a boring old adult with a full time job, I spent a lot of time during my breaks from college just ripping through books. So much that I have books listed as read on my GoodReads profile, that I have literally NO IDEA what it is about. I looked at some and thought to myself, "I read this...when?" I used to work in the city so I would take the train and I got a lot of reading done then, but then I got a new job closer to home. However, at the time my boyfriend was still living at his mom's house (a two hour drive) so I ended up just taking the train when I wanted to visit him so then I was reading A LOT on the train too. Like I would pretty much finish a book round trip when I made these trips. I was reading so much that I didn't even write a review for everything! That seems so crazy to me now.

Then we moved in together two years ago, and it's been a lot harder to find the time to read. I think that's why I have flocked to audiobooks lately because it's an easier way to get my reading done. It gets to be harder when all I want to do is read, but he wants to just hangout and watch tv. Since I want to spend time with him, of course I end up just watching what tv show we end up watching. I also got back into video games recently and it has been harder to split my time between reading and playing video games. I am trying to reserve any video game playing for the weekend and during the week I work on the blog in some way or try to get more reading done. 

Okay, so it seems like all I have done with this post is make excuses on why I can't find time to read, so how do I find any time to read? 

I do audios from time to time, it makes it easier to listen to audiobooks on my way to and from work and while just doing chores. My boyfriend plays online with his one friend a lot, so when he does that I know I have some uninterrupted time to try to read. I want to get back into the habit of reading before bed, but we are both terrible people that just watch tv until it's too late. It's definitely something I want to change. I also squeeze in some reading time before I go to work (depending on if I have to go in early) or during my lunch breaks. I usually don't get a lot of reading in, but I feel like even ten minutes makes a difference in reading than not reading at all. Maybe one day I will crush my deadly TBR pile!

So how do you find time to read? Do you have any tips? I would love to hear about them! Does anyone else have this problem where they never seem to have time to read built into their schedules?

Happy Reads Everyone!