Sunday, June 11, 2017

Audio Month: Top 5 Audiobook Narrators

Did you know that this month is audio month??

Despite listening to a ton of audiobooks and being obsessed with podcasts, I didn't know until I was having a conversation with Jorie from Jorie Loves a Story over twitter about podcasts. that case I want to bring a few posts to everyone to talk about different things regarding today let's talk about my favorite audiobook narrators!


So I think I was actually first introduced to Tim Curry when he played Long John Silver in the Muppet's Treasure Island movie (DON'T JUDGE ME, IT'S GOOD!) and then he kept showing up in different things like THE WILD THORNBERRYS! Recently Curry has lended his voice to audiobooks and voiceover work, and he is amazing. He does the narration for Garth Nix's Sabriel original trilogy and it is so good that I can't listen to the other books on audio because someone else does them! He also did a few of the Series of Unfortunate Events audiobooks. He did the first one that was a full cast audio which I believe was redone when the movie came out, but then the audios reverted to the author and I generally did not enjoy Lemony Snicket AKA Daniel Handler's narration for it. His Count Olaf was terrible! I think it's in book 6 that Curry does the narration again, and man, I'm sorry but he is so much better! If you ever land on an audiobook done by Curry, savor it, because he is probably my favorite audiobook narrator!

Wil Wheaton

Okay, I have to admit I have only listened to Wil perform for Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, but I know that he did the narration for Armada and he does audiobook work on the reg. So why am I including him on my list of top audiobook narrators? Man, he just WAS Wade to me in his narration of Ready Player One. If you are a fan of Wil (like I am) in other mediums, you will enjoy listening to him narrate your favorite books. When I was listening to RPO, I completely forgot that this was even Wheaton doing the narration. It got to the point that in my head I was just thinking, "This is just Wade telling us his story." I highly recommend getting your hands on any audiobook he narrates. 

Neil Gaiman

You must be thinking, "But Deanna, Neil Gaiman is an author?"  Yes. "But this is about audiobook narrators?" Yes. Neil Gaiman is one of those authors that has also narrated one of their books. To my knowledge he has narrated the audiobook for both Stardust and Ocean at the End of the Lane. I'm not sure if he has narrated any other of his books, but I did LOVE his narration for these two stories. I think he's a great narrator, and I guess I'm not the only one since people are raising money for charity to hear him read the entire Cheesecake Factory menu! 

Rebecca Soler

If you like Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, Rebecca Soler's name might be familiar to you. She does the narration for the series and also Meyer's new novel Heartless. I didn't particularly care for the new novel, BUT I didn't do it on audio and I wonder if I would have liked it better if I had listened to Soler tell me the story. I really enjoyed listening to her do the Lunar Chronicles, and I've been trying to find out what other novels she has narrated. I did just find out she is going to do the narration for Beth Revis' star wars novel about Jyn Erso. I think Soler will do great to bring Jyn's life pre-Rogue One to the surface. 

Marc Thompson

March Thompson is a voice actor that has done a TON of work in anime, but he also has done a few audiobooks, particularly for Star Wars novels. He did a couple of the Expanded Universe novels (now Legends) for the New Jedi Order series and for the Legacy of the Force series. He also did the anniversary of Heir to the Empire narration. The original narrator for that novel was not great, so I'm glad they let someone else do it! If you like Star Wars books, he's definitely a voice you have heard before. LucasFilms must like him too, because they keep on hiring him to do the new books! 

There you have it these are my top 5 audiobook narrators. Do you have a favorite narrator? Or a favorite audiobook? I would love to hear about it. What makes you love a narrator?

Happy Reads Everyone!