Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Audio Month: Podcasts for Bookworms

I feature podcasts on the regular with my monthly feature Deanna Listens, but since it is still Audio Month, I wanted to do some smaller features about podcasts I think book lovers would love. Some might be familiar to you if you read Deanna Listens, others I have yet to feature, but will probably do so in the future.

This is a given one, if you want to hear great conversation about people talking about books The Book Riot Podcast is a great place to start. I've seen some complaints that they are too PC, but that is exactly why I like this podcast. I think they really think about what everyone wants from a book.

This is for a specific kind of reader, but I really like the trio that does this podcast. If you are a fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (legends & canon alike) this is a podcast for you!

This was such a random podcast find. I only found out about it because I follow the YA author Beth Revis on her social media channels and she posted about being on this podcast. So I thought that I should check it out and then I discovered that Yin had an interview with Meg Cabot (GASP!! MY FAVORITE AUTHOR). I really enjoy this one, and I think Yin has such a positive presence as a host. 

This is another podcast hosted by Book Riot (seriously they have a lot go check them out), and I wasn't totally sure I was going to like it. Basically people write into Amanda and Jen asking for specific book recommendations. They usually come up with some great answers, and I end up adding more books to my TBR. 

This is a recent podcast that I started listening to, and I find it super interesting because it's book reviews but more specifically it's for audiobook reviews. I love that since I do tend to listen to a lot of audiobooks. I do find that sometimes I completely don't agree with them, and I realize I read that particular book and did not listen to the audio. So I wonder sometimes how much a good narrator can change the experience for different readers. Britney & Brad are great, go listen to them talk about audiobooks right now!

Do you listen to any of these podcasts? What do you think? Do you have any other recommendations for bookish podcasts?

Happy Reads Everyone!