Saturday, May 27, 2017

3 Year Blogiversary... WHAT!?!

So...I almost forgot to even write a post to celebrate that my blog is turning 3 years old this month. I mentioned it briefly in my Why I suck at blogging post.  Having run a blog all myself for 3 years straight is a big feat, even though right now I don't feel that accomplished with it. I feel really guilty about not writing as much, and as a content creator that is a bad thing. But then I have to stop thinking this way, because I do this blog for FUN outside of my full time job and spending time with my love and family. Sometimes it's a difficult hobby to do, especially if you are in a book slump or just never can finish a book like me! Enough about that, today let's focus on the positive.


One big thing that has changed on the blog this year is regarding my name change. Last year I changed my blog title from Deanna Writes to Deanna Reads, but I didn't change the url; however, a few months ago I changed the URL so things would be consistent. I actually recently did the same thing with my Twitter handle, you may or may not have noticed that I went from @Dmvasso to @DReadsBooks. I basically just want brand consistency across my blog and my twitter platform so it's easier for readers to find me. Not that a really have a "brand" per se, but I work in marketing so I guess I am always aware of brand and what it means for content creators.

Other than the planned Sci-Fi Month back in November, I haven't really been doing any events this year. I kind of laid low and just posted reviews here or there and the occasional Deanna Listens feature post. I love doing those posts, but I don't know if anyone actually cares about them. I love podcasts, so I think I am going to continue doing them. I still think maybe I should start doing a similar feature for video games since they have taken over my life. I'd love to know if anyone would be interested in it!

So nothing too exciting has happened on the blog this year, but I definitely want to continue with it. I have to remember to not get so down on myself about not blogging so much. This is a blog for fun, for me, and I'm the boss so I can basically do whatever I want. I do want to thank everyone that has commented on a post or came to my blog, your reads mean a lot to me even though I may not know who you are. I've met a lot of cool bloggers here on the interwebs, and if I never started this blog I would never have found this cool community to be a part of.


So enough of my babbling! Onto the main thing you are all here for...the classic blogiversary giveaway. As a way to celebrate the milestone of 3 years on the blog, I am doing a giveaway. It it's going to be international (as long as the book depository ships to your country) and will be for whatever you want from the Book Depository that is under $30 USD. As always no cheating or all your entires would be deleted. I haven't really had this problem before, I feel the need to still keep this included so everyone has a fair chance. 

Good luck & may the force be with you!
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Happy Reads Everyone!