Friday, December 2, 2016

Sci-Fi Month Wrap-Up

IT'S OVER!!! 😞

I'm so sad that yet another Sci-Fi Month has come and gone. Sci-fi Month created by Rinn Reads and cohosted by Effing Rainbow has always been a fun thing I've done with this blog. This year was actually my third annual year participating and I am definitely excited to see what happens next year. 

I love this event for a few reasons. One, it forces me to focus on what books I want to review and other topics, that I actually plan ahead on this blog. It's been really great, because this is the most I have actually blogged on here in many months. The other reason I love this event is because I love networking with other bloggers that love this genere. I love discovering new blogs from all these cool people, and learning about new sci-fi books that I have never heard of so I add them to my never ending TBR pile. 

Every year I feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I plan out to do. I mostly did a lot of book reviews and focused less on discussions. So that is definitely something I want to try to do more of next year. There are even a few books that I just didn't get around to reading and I feel really guilty about that. 

One thing that it seemed like a lot of people really enjoyed was my Guess The Sci-Fi Book giveway. A winner has already been picked and emailed. Since it looked like I stumped a few of you I wanted to give you all the answers to my quiz. I really enjoy doing these type of giveways, so I think it will be something I do next year too. Maybe I'll just make it a little easier. 😛
  1. Matched : Girl finds out that the "society" that tells her what to eat, think, and who she should be matched with does not have her best interest at heart
  2. The 100: Teens are cast out of space onto a planet thought inhabitable to see if it's safe to go back there. Left to their own devices they have to figure out how to survive on their own.
  3. Little Brother: Teenage boy is illegally arrested by government organization and fights for his freedom of privacy to not be constantly moniotred once he is released. 
  4. Interworld: Teenage boy starts walking and gets lost. Finds himself many different times and in different forms
  5. A Thousand Pieces of You: Girl travels to different parallel worlds to figure out who killed her father. Gets stucks in Imperial Russia for a long time, before jumping to another universe. 
  6. Armada: Gamers find out that they were not just playing video games, they were training to fight a war against an alien threat. But who are they really fighting?
  7. Under The Never Sky: Sheltered girl is exiled outside of her society's dome. She has been told she will die on the outside, but to her surprise she doesn't.
  8. Star Wars: Lost Stars: Star crossed lovers fight on different sides of a space war from the time they are children to the time the evil Empire is taken down by a group of rebels.
  9. Red Rising: Miner on Mars discovers that his life has been a lie, and joins a rebellion to take down his people's oppressors
  10. Alienated: Aliens have made contact, and teen participates in an exchange program to host one of them.
A LOT of you got #6 wrong and guessed Ender's Game, but I won't fault you for that, because the two books are very similar. How many did you get right? 

Are you sad that sci-fi month is over? What was your favorite part about it? 

Happy Reads Everyone!