Friday, November 11, 2016

Series Review: Black Mirror

Moving away from books, today I wanted to talk about a sci-fi show that I really enjoy. And that is Black Mirror!

One Scifi-ish show I've gotten into recently is Black Mirror. It was a british show that was bought by Netflix and they recently released the third season with a few more episodes than we are used to. I say it's Scifi-ish because it just primarily deals with technology and not how it destroys us, but by how we as humans let it make us do terrible things to each other. Yup, it's a pretty uplifting show! [sarcasm font]

The show has been hailed as the Twilight Zone for the new era, but I don't think that's necessarily true. The main reason I think it gets labeled that is because it's an anthology series and we haven't seen a show like that in a very long time. It's one of things I really like about it, because all the episodes are different, with a new cast and story line. I really enjoy this because not every episode is great. Sometimes it can be hit or miss, which I absoultely love! If I watch an episode that I didn't really like, I know that I can just try the next one and see if I like that better. Unlike a normal show where I would just quit watching the show.

Like I said, some of the episodes can be hit or miss, and I think the very first episode of the first season is a miss. Every time I actually recommend this show to people I say, "okay, but like maybe don't watch the first episode." The premise of the first episode is really gross and I think it puts people off from the show and they don't want to continue. Which I think is a huge shame! Especially since I think the episode that follows is really good. 

I highly recommend this show if you are a fan of scifi and you are interested in the pyschology of humans and how we use tools that are supposed to better our lives in destructive ways. I love the concept so much, and I am total fan.

Have you watched any Black Mirror? What's your favorite episode?

Happy Reads Everyone!