Thursday, November 10, 2016

Audiobook Review: InterWorld

Interworld By Neil Gaiman & Michael Reaves
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: June 26th, 2014
Format: Audiobook narrated by Christopher Evan Welch
Summary Via GoodReads

My Rating: ★★★1/2

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Joey Harker isn't a hero. In fact, he's the kind of guy who gets lost in his own house. But then one day, Joey gets really lost. He walks straight out of his world and into another dimension. Joey's walk between the worlds makes him prey to two terrible forces—armies of magic and science who will do anything to harness his power to travel between dimensions. When he sees the evil those forces are capable of, Joey makes the only possible choice: to join an army of his own, an army of versions of himself from different dimensions who all share his amazing power and who are all determined to fight to save the worlds.

Master storyteller Neil Gaiman and Emmy Award-winning science-fiction writer Michael Reaves team up to create a dazzling tale of magic, science, honor, and the destiny of one very special boy—and all the others like him.'
So Interworld was super weird, and I'm not even sure where to start with this one. I added this book on my "Wishlist" on the Overdrive app through my library just because Neil Gaiman's name was attached to it. I don't think I even read the summary, it was just one of those books I went into blindly.

Unfortuantely it was just another one of those books that I just didn't totally love. Don't get me wrong the plot kept my interest and by no means was it a bad book, it was just okay. It was an enjoyable read but nothing that would make me want to shake someone and say "READ THIS BOOK!"

The plot of this novel was that Joey gets so lost that he walks into a differnt dimension where different versions of himself (all from different universes) are waging war on evil magicians and machines that want to take over all the different universes and rule. I think what distracted me with this novel was the fact that there were two different adversaries that Joey had to fight, but this novel really leaned heavier on the magicians, and we only saw the machines (the binary) a few times. I know this is a series so I'm sure we learn and see more of the other villians in the other books, but I think there should have been a focus on one instead of two.

I found the concept of this novel really cool. Getting to meet yourself as different people of what you could have been is so cool. What if you were a different gender? Or if your culture was so advanced you were almost part computer? Or part wolf? Meeting all the different Joeys was the best part about the novel for me.

The narrator did an okay job in this one, except when it came to female voices. This is a problem I have with a lot of male voiceovers. I think he went a little too over the top with female voices, that I had some issues with it.

I don't think I'm going to read the rest of this series, but I do think the plot was interesting and I would recommend it for anyone that really likes the topic of multiverses or parellel worlds.

Happy Reads Everyone!