Monday, October 3, 2016

Deanna Listens: Puck Soup

Deanna Listens
 is a monthly feature on the first Monday of every month (sometimes) I created to showcase some of my favorite podcasts. This month I am talking about Puck Soup.

Puck Soup is a podcast on the Nerdist network that is all about hockey. It might come as a surprise for anyone that stumbles onto this blog, but I really like hockey. Before I was a book blogger, I actually spent a lot of time blogging about the sport. I even worked part-time for on the sport desk before I found a full time position at my current job. So this was definitely a podcast I needed in my life, especially since I haven't been able to watch much hockey since I moved in with my boyfriend and we don't have cable.

This podcast is put together by Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog and Dave Lozo of Vice Sports. I really like their chemistry together and that they just riff on each other all the time. What I also like about the podcast is that it's not just about hockey, it's a lot about hockey but also about pop culture. 

The structure of the podcast is a little different than what I am used to. For the most part when they have guests on they will play the recording of when they had the guest on, and then they will come back and shoot the breeze until the end of podcast. I didn't like it at first, but I've grown to enjoy it. It's a different way to enjoy media, and I'm trying to get used to different ways to enjoy content.

 Here are a few of my favorites:
-Keith Olberman (Okay, I loved this one for mostly for the Eric Lindros stories!)
-Tom Cavanaugh (I didn't know Tom liked hockey!)
-Sydney Esiason 

I haven't listened to that many episodes yet, but I like what I have been hearing. I feel like I'm not as caught up as I like to be, but I definitely want to continue listen to this one. 

Got a great podcast you love? Give me a recommendation in the comments. No serious, please help, I'm running out of podcasts to listen to!

Happy Reads Everyone!