Monday, September 12, 2016

ARC Review: The Perilous Journey of the Much-Too-Spontaneous Girl

The Perlious Journey of the Much-Too-Spontaneous Girl by Leigh Statham
Publisher: Month9books
Release Date: October, 11, 2016
Format: Egalley
Source:copy provided by publisher for review
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I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Quotes taken from ARC may or may not be in the published edition.

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Lady Marguerite Vadnay and her trusty automaton, Outil, have settled into life in New France rather well. Marguerite is top of the class at flight school and her future as an aerpilot is nearly secure. She has everything she wants— except a commission on the pirate hunting dirigible The Renegade. Using every card in her aristocratic arsenal, Marguerite wiggles her way onto the finest warship France has to offer. But as usual, Marguerite’s plans endanger the lives of those she holds dear— only this time no one else is going to save them. As Marguerite and Outil set off on a rescue mission they may not return from, she finally realizes it’s time to reorder her cogs.

This steampunk adventure is littered with facts from The Golden Age of Piracy and follows (not too closely) some of the lives and adventures of the brave men and women who sailed the seas as privateers, pirates and soldiers.
I didn't totally love the first novel in this series, but I thought it had a lot of potential. After the first book I thought that Marguerite had grown out of her bratty, entitled behavior, but this book sure proved me wrong. That's why unfortunately I found this second book to be a huge disappointment.

I liked the start of the book where we see Marguerite in flight school doing what she wants to do with her life. I liked that, and I also liked that we see her fail at something because the whole first book she was amazing at everything she did. I think it's good to show that you have to fail to figure things out for yourself, so I thought this book would be a lot about self-discovery and she would improve her behavior, but not so much.

It's clear that Marguerite was used to a life of getting what she wanted and we see this when she bribes her way into getting a pretty high position on a military ship. I thought that was so unrealistic, so I was actually glad that Jacques puts her onto the galley ship in the fleet. It seemed at first she was learning that she needed to work hard to achieve success, and I was really glad she finally found a girl friend. Unfortunately that growth in her personality didn't last, because again Marguerite thinks only about herself and what she wants, so she hatches a plan to leave the galley ship. A really stupid one.

I had a really hard time with this novel, and mostly because I just couldn't relate to this character. I felt like Marguerite was just always going to be a spoiled brat that was used to getting her way, so I just couldn't root for her. I honestly agreed with Jacques a lot of times in this book, and I found him to be a much more complex and interesting character. I kind of wanted to read a book in his perspective more. My biggest problem with the novel was that it felt like Marguerite didn't really grow from her experience in the first novel, and at the end of this one I didn't feel like she was changed either. I think that was why I was so disappointed with this book. I wanted to see a more mature, level-headed Marguerite but I just felt like she was even more immature than in the first novel. I don't know, maybe I'm showing my age too much here, but I had a huge problem with her behavior in this sequel.

My biggest issue with this novel was just the character, but I think the world building and the political plot was interesting. Steampunk is a cool concept, and I think I was able to stick it out with this book because I was curious to see how the fleet was going to outsmart the pirates they were fighting. There is something a little predictable in the plot regarding the pirate captain, but even if it was predictable, I really liked that I was right about it! I just don't think this series is for me anymore. When I can't get behind the main protagonist, I just have a huge issue liking a book.The setting was really cool, so if you enjoyed the first novel I would still recommend you try this one for yourself first.

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