Saturday, April 2, 2016

Manga Review: Sailor Moon Vol.2

Sailor Moon Vol.2 By Naoko Takeuchi
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: November 15th, 2011
Format: Paperback, 235 pages
My Rating: ★★

Goodreads ★ Amazon ★ B&N ★ TBD
The mysterious Tuxedo Mask has revealed his identity, forcing Usagi to come to terms with her growing affections for the masked vigilante, all the while defending the people of Earth from renewed attacks by the sinister “enemy”. Everything threatens to overwhelm even Sailor Moon when suddenly a new Sailor Guardian appears. Could this new Guardian be the Moon Princess the Sailor Guardians are sworn to protect?

 This is the second volume in the Sailor Moon manga, you can see my review for the first volume here.

Okay, I still love Sailor Moon, like so much, so of course I wanted to included a review of this second volume as a part of Comic Book Month. I think the only reason why I didn't give this one a 5-star rating is since I watched the TV series it seemed so familiar. I'm not sure why they wanted to reboot the anime, because I think as far as this volume goes the original tv series did this justice. So at times it does seem really repetitive to me. I don't think I would think that had I read the manga before the TV series. 

I really enjoy the artwork in this manga, and it definitely makes me want to rewatch the series, or just catch up on the current series. I really like how the panels are drawn and I love getting to the end of an Act to see the full page spreads leading you to the next one. It really does a good job of enticing me to continue to read. I also like that at the end there is a couple pages of translation notes to explain anything that might not make sense to an English-speaking audience. It definitely helps to understand the culture and time period of Japan when this was originally released. 

One problem I have with this one, is that I can never put it down! So not really a problem, but it makes it hard when all you want to do is read this in one siting but you have to be a boring adult and go to work. Or grocery shopping. Ew. Don't grow up, kids, it was the dumbest thing I ever did. 

I definitely will continue reading the manga, but not sure if I will continue to review it on here. If you like The Lunar Chronicles this series might seem really familiar to you. Princess of the Moon and an Earthen Prince get together in both, so you can really see how Marissa Meyer was inspired by this Manga. I highly recommend this one!

Happy Reads Everyone!