Monday, April 4, 2016

Deanna Listens: Oh, Comics!

Deanna Listens is a monthly feature on the first Monday of every month I created to showcase some of my favorite podcasts. This month I am featuring Oh, Comics podcast.

As part of Comic Book Month, I wanted to feature a podcast that deals a lot about comics. Right now Oh, Comics is really the only comic book centric podcast that I listen to. I actually think it was because of listening to this podcast that I got the idea to dedicate a month to comics.

Not familiar with Oh, Comics? Well you should be. This podcast comes from (the sister site of BookRiot) The show is relatively new, they just starting podcasting last year, so I really like I finally have a newer show to feature. 

The podcast is hosted by Preeti Chhibber & Paul Montgomery, both editors at What I really like about this podcast is that they give me WAY too many recommendations for comics that I need to be reading. Most of the time I am frantically writing down titles that they mention off hand so I can go and check them out. They also do reviews, interviews, and do breakdown discussions of superhero movies & tvs shows. I've been listening to this podcast non-stop!

I also think they do a lot on discussing diversity and why we need it in the comics book world, which I really appreciate. I don't think this is something limited to the comic book industry, but to publishing in general, so I really like that they point this out a lot. There was a also a really great episode that Preeti did with Swapna Krishna about the issue of harassment in the industry. I really enjoyed this one, and they also brought up the fact that the majority of female comic book readers only buy trades, and not single issues. I never really thought about how not buying single issues can effect the industry, because I know for the most part I only buy or borrow trade volumes. So they definitely bring some interesting points of discussion to think about. 

I think the first podcast I started listening to was a Star Wars focused one that also talked about the Force Awakens and from then I was hooked. Here are a handful of other great shows I listened to and really enjoyed.

I'm really loving this podcast so far, and I'm slowly trying to listen to all their shows. I just need to get caught up on my comic book reading. If you are new to comics I would recommend checking out and listening to this podcast. 

Got a podcast you think I would enjoy? Let me know and maybe it will be featured next month.

Happy Reads Everyone!