Friday, February 26, 2016

Audiobook Review: The Secret of Raven Point

The Secret of Raven Point By Jennifer Vanderbes
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Release Date: February 4th, 2014
Format: Audiobook narrated by Susie Berneis
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My Rating: ★★

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1943: When seventeen-year-old Juliet Dufresne receives a cryptic letter from her enlisted older brother pleading for help, and then finds out he's been reported missing overseas, she lies about her age and volunteers as an army nurse to find him. Juliet is thrust into the bloody chaos of a field hospital, where she is increasingly consumed by the plight of her patients. One in particular, Christopher Barnaby, a deserter awaiting court martial, may hold the answer to her brother's fate - but the trauma of war has left him unable to speak. Juliet works with psychiatrist Henry Willard to heal Barnaby before the authorities take him away. Juliet and Willard are forced to plumb the moral nuances of a so-called just war, and to face the dangers of their own deepening connection.
It's rare when I give a book 5 stars, so you know that I liked it a lot and couldn't get enough of it. The Secret of Raven Point by Jennifer Vanderbes was one of those books. This one was on a "if you like Agent Carter read this list", and I'm really glad I decided to pick it up. 

I think a lot of the reasons I liked it was due to the narrator just having the right voice for the time period and her ability to do male voices without them sounding way too ridiculous. Which isn't something I can usually say for Male narrators with female characters.

I will admit that although I enjoyed this book a lot, it's not without it's flaws and there were a few things that bothered me. One thing is that we never find out what happens to Tuck. I think we are led to believe that he died in battle, so I was slightly okay with this. But we never find out what his last letter meant and Juliet never gets closure from it. Another thing that really bothered me was that Juliet tries to start a relationship with Dr. Willard, and he keeps rejecting her because he's married. I have a real problem with infidelity so I didn't like that she was trying to get this guy to cheat on his wife. I am glad that the only thing happens between them in a kiss, and he stops it at that. 

This book doesn't pull punches and it really shows the gruesome brutality of war. It got pretty dark and heavy and there were a few scenes that I had to stop listening to the audio because I thought I was going to throw up. If you read this book you probably know what scene I'm talking about. It was hard to take at times, but I think I appreciated that because it was realistic. WWII wasn't a fun time for anyone, so I think by keeping all the gore and gruesome injuries in this book it made it feel more real to me.

I would highly recommend this one to anyone that likes a good historical fiction novel. I found myself really enjoying it, and I was kind of sad when it was over. 

Happy Reads Everyone!