Friday, December 11, 2015

Audiobook Review: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars #1) By Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham
Publisher: Random House Audio
Release Date: March 25th, 2015
Format: Audiobook narrated by Kristen Bell
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My Rating: ★★

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Ten years after graduating from high school in Neptune, California, Veronica Mars is back in the land of sun, sand, crime, and corruption. She's traded in her law degree for her old private investigating license, struggling to keep Mars Investigations afloat on the scant cash earned by catching cheating spouses until she can score her first big case.

Now it's spring break, and college students descend on Neptune, transforming the beaches and boardwalks into a frenzied, week-long rave. When a girl disappears from a party, Veronica is called in to investigate. But this is not a simple missing person's case. The house the girl vanished from belongs to a man with serious criminal ties, and soon Veronica is plunged into a dangerous underworld of drugs and organized crime. And when a major break in the investigation has a shocking connection to Veronica's past, the case hits closer to home than she ever imagined.
OMG! I did not know that this book existed until the overdrive app suggested it to me. I was so excited to find out that there were Veronica Mars novels. I decided to listen to the first one, and I was a little nervous about who would do that narration, but they got Veronica herself Kristen Bell to read it and it made the audiobook so awesome! I loved this series when I was a kid, so my review might be a tiny bit bias.

This book had everything that I loved about the show: mystery, intrigue and Veronica's sarcasm. I missed that girl so much. Veronica is a baller that always get the job done, which is what I always liked about her. She also has a lot of help, and sometimes she forgets that she can't do everything by herself, which I think we see a lot of that in this novel. She definitely has a knack for getting herself into dangerous situations. 

I felt like I could really relate to this novel more than the YA novels I've been reading because Veronica is way closer to my age. So I kind felt like I was in the same position career wise. Although she seems to have her life figured out way more than I do. It was definitely a nice change of pace from what I've been reading lately. 

This book just had everything I wanted out of it, and because Kristen Bell was doing the narration, it was almost like I could picture this episode in my head. I'm really excited for the second book to come out, because I'm definitely going to read more if they make this a full book series. 

If you're not familiar with the tv series, or you didn't see the movie, this book might be hard to follow. I think you would still get what is going on but a lot of the references might not make sense to you. The book follows a few months away the events of the movie, so if you do plan the watch that I would recommend doing that before reading this.

Happy Reads Everyone!